[IRPCoalition] derechosdeinternet.com a tool to help spanish in fundamental freedoms

Miguel Perez Subias mps at aui.es
Sat Dec 13 21:16:40 EET 2014


a) This email is to inform you that we have created the web 
www.derechosdeinternet.com just to explain and defend the fundamental 
rights on the Internet to all people who speak Spanish  We will work over 
the next year these 3 organizations www.aui.es www.internautas.org and 
www.isoc-es.org in different initiatives around human rights on the Internet

We have included the Charter of the IRP coalition and also the Council of 
Europe, Human rights for Internet users guide ( including documents in PDF 
DOC and HTML in Spanish)

b) Currently we are working to denounce rights violations caused by the 
recent reform of the Law on Intellectual Property approved by the Spanish 
government that has caused the closure of Google News Spain next 16th 

More info at:
http://derechosdeinternet.com/lpi (Spanish)



We need your help to stop this law

Thanks & Regards

Miguel Perez Subias

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