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Dear all

As the Net Mundial kicks off and those channels from the meeting get 
going, here are links to some alternative views of the possible outcome 
for the Net Mundial and way forward in the lead-up to the IGF Istanbul 


https://netmundial.net/ and the twitter feed @ournetmundial

And here are some initial analyses coming out of how the Submissions 
shape up in terms of provenance and content; much food for thought...


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Dear all

Compiled on the occasion of NETmundial, here is a Just Net Coalition
publication containing the complete text of the 'Delhi Declaration on a
Just and Equitable Internet' and a collection of articles by some
members of the Just Net Coalition. It closes with an interview with
Robert McChesney, who also endorses the Delhi Declaration. Foreword by
Louis Pouzin, one of the founding fathers of the internet.


co-convenor, Just Net Coalition

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