[IRPCoalition] Net Mundial Draft Outcome Statement - Open for comments

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Thu Apr 17 03:48:56 EEST 2014

Dear all

Safe Travels to everyone traveling to Brazil for the Net Mundial. The 
IRPC Steering Committee will be represented on the ground by Robert 
Bodle, Rafik Dammak, Carlos Affonso, Tapani Tarvainen, Parminder J 
Singh. The rest of us will be watching and contributing by remote 

Some of you will be aware of the draft document released for public 


This is the synthesis of all submissions to the meeting, including the 
IRPC Submission 

All comments need to be with the Net Mundial organization by 21 April; 
the day before the meeting kicks off.

Also, watch this space as some exciting news is on its way.

MF/RB and SC

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