[IRPCoalition] [bestbits] free flow of information @ Netmundial - Civil Society major issues

Jeanette Hofmann jeanette at wzb.eu
Tue Apr 15 16:46:20 EEST 2014


Am 15.04.2014 14:54, schrieb parminder:
> Not only net neutrality has been removed,
'free flow of information' which figured twice in the earlier (leaked) 
draft has been removed from both places..

in my capacity as a HLMC member I have spoken up against free flow of 
information in the human rights section because free flow of information 
is not a human right. Ironically, someone from the business sector 
objected to removing this term from the human rights section.

I am reporting this to illustrate that the negotiation of the text 
hasn't always followed the distribution of power and interest that some 
on this list may assume. The draft document represents victories and 
defeats on all sides.


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