[IRPCoalition] Meet the new IRP Co-Chair and Steering Comm members

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Tue Dec 24 18:54:04 EET 2013

Dear all

The election/endorsement process for the IRP Coalition's Steering 
Committee is over (37 people took part with 86.5% support, 5.4% against, 
and 8.1% abstaining). Thank you for the positive comments about all we 
have achieved this year and also for the constructive suggestions for 
the year to come. The new SC met last week so this email is to formally 
re-introduce everyone to you all.

First up, our incoming co-Chair who will be serving with Marianne this 
year. Robert has worked with the IRP since 2008, seeing the first 
charter through, setting up and then assisting with the website and 
social media efforts, and also supporting IRP events at the IGF 
meetings. After being on the steering committee for the last few years, 
championing the IRP in all capacities, he is happy to provide continuity 
and support as co-chair of the IRP. Robert is excited about growing 
participation in the coalition, ramping up dissemination of the Charter 
in different engaging formats (socio-technical, educational), and 
exploring new ways of integrating Human Rights in Internet Governance at 
all levels. This work complements his teaching and research as an 
engaged academic.

Next here are the SC members for 2014 (bio notes will be up on the 
website shortly):

Marianne Franklin (New Zealand/UK)
Robert Bodle (USA)

Steering Committee
Rafik Dammak (Tunisia/Japan)
Catherine Easton (UK)
Dixie Hawtin (UK)
Matthias Kettemann (Austria)
Parminder Jeet Singh (India)
Carlos Affonso Pereira de Souza (Brazil)
Vik Szabados (Hungary)
Tapani Tarvainen (Finland)

We are all looking forward to a productive year for the protection and 
enjoyment of human rights online - for everyone, everywhere.

Warm regards
MF/RB and the whole SC


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