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Fri Dec 13 12:49:19 EET 2013

Dear All

Thanks to everyone who has responded to the presentation of the IRP 
Coalition Co-Chair and two SC members for this year's Steering 
Committee. There are only a few days left so here is that link again

There have been some very helpful suggestions included with some 
responses so thanks to those of you who provided comments.

As the ICANN High Level Panel meets in London this week, and with 
preparations for the upcoming Brazil Meeting starting to take shape now 
that the organizational structure has been settled (more or less), the 
IRP Coalition Steering Committee is keen to get underway and contribute 
substantively to the organization and input into next year's meeting 

More updates on just this, content and what people think the coalition 
can do in this respect as soon as we have as many responses as possible 
to the presentation of candidates. Process is important and so all 
points already noted about this particular one will be taken on board. 
Last year we had well over a quorum and could proceed with confidence. 
This year we are close to a quorum so need a few more of you to respond 
as there are more people on the list now!

Some content points in the meantime:

1) IRP CHARTER BOOKLET 2nd Edition - For Translators

FYI, the 2nd PDF Edition of the IRP Charter booklet is ready to go 
online shortly. We have sold out of the 1st edition already so this one 
includes corrections of some errata and selected updates in the 
references. There is also an Hebrew translation underway, to accompany 
the one HIVOS IG-MENA is doing in Arabic. I will be in touch with those 
of you who have offered to undertake other translations but if there is 
anyone else wanting to do this, let us know.

The 2nd edition is available already in a text only version, and we have 
formulated guidelines for translators of the whole IRP Charter booklet 
under the IRP Charter tab. The links are here;

2) European Dialogue on Internet Governance (EuroDIG), Berlin, June 
2014: Ideas for workshops for this event are due at the end of the 
month. We had a very production workshop and flash session this year so 
if anyone has any ideas (ideas only at the moment) for themes to 
contribute to the first stage of EuroDIG planning process (open to all 
by the way so ask if you want to be involved) in January please let us 
know; to this email or to the list.

3) Brazil. This is the main topic and one to which the coalition can 
contribute and collaborate in. We will be in touch as soon as the SC 
endorsement process is complete.

Thanks again for responding to the Steering Committee call.
*https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/TBHJLZG. *

Marianne F
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