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Thanks, Anriette, for expressing these thoughts so very well.
Makes it very easy for me to just say

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On 28 November 2012 09:11, Anriette Esterhuysen <anriette at apc.org> wrote:

>  Dear Marianne and Matthias
> Welcome to the IRP as co-chairs!  We are very lucky to have two people
> who have been around and committed to this process for so long in this
> role.
> Dixie, you have been one of the most enabling, generous, open and constructive
> people I have ever worked with. These qualities have been really
> important in keep the IRP alive and a process which has not fallen prey
> in any way to territoriality. Because of the rise in focus on internet
> and human rights issues in the last two years this could have happened so
> easily. That it did not is mostly, in my view, owing to your qualities as
> a facilitator.  Thanks to Global Partners for letting you dedicate the
> time.
> Not much else to add from me right now. The summary below is very
> helpful. My apologies for not being able to be at the IRP meeting in Bakubecause of the Human
> Rights Round Table being scheduled at the same time. We have to prevent
> this from happening next time. We should also share a report of the HR Round
> Table here - we want to make it an institution at every IGF. APC was repre
> sented at the IRP meeting by our policy manager, Valeria Betancourt, andshe has already started the process of building
> IRP collaboration into our plans for next year.
> Best regards
> Anriette Esterhuysen
>  On 28/11/2012 16:00, Marianne Franklin wrote:
> Dear IRP Coalition members,
> It is a pleasure for both of us to be co-Chairing the IRP Coalition for
> the coming year and we are very pleased to be able to greet you all on the
> new mailing list. Thank you for your patience with the various emails sent
> to you about this in the last couple of weeks. Before we sum up the tasks
> ahead of us and ideas for moving forward that came from the IRP Meeting in
> Baku, we would like to take convey our thanks and gratitude to Dixie Hawtin
> who co-Chaired the coalition this past year. Hers is a hard act to follow
> so we hope to be able to maintain her standard and refined and diplomatic
> approach to this work. Thank you Dixie!
> The rest of this longish mail is an overview of the IRP Meeting outcomes
> and look ahead. We will be sending call-outs and requests separately for
> each key piece of business to keep things clear.
> 1) BAKU IGF:
> The IGF 2012 Baku meeting is behind us and as you all know there are
> important meetings coming up in which the IRP Coalition (as a whole and
> also in partnership with coalition members who are working on specific
> projects) can and needs to be involved in. The main outcome of the IRP
> Meeting as Dixie noted is that the meeting (about 30-35 present) endorsed
> the Coalition's work on the IRP Charter and Ten Principles. Promoting both
> these documents was considered a major objective. Another one was for the
> coalition to come up with ways to unpack the Charter itself in terms of
> taking specific clauses as projects or themes for interventions in relevant
> meetings.
> This work is something the Charter can call its own as well as coordinate
> and work with Coalition members who are doing their own work in these area
> e.g. APC, the Best Bits initiative, ITforChange, and partners in Brazil to
> name but a few.
> There are minutes of the meeting and we can send this around if people
> want them. So, to turn to tasks ahead:
> a) STEERING COMMITTEE elections. Thank you to all of those who have been
> or have self-nominated for the new Steering Committee. We will be back
> about this in a separate email as we hope to have a new committee voted in
> before the end of the year.
> We also have a number of new members, and people who would like to join.
> If anyone on this list is newly arrived do introduce yourself!
> b) IRP Coalition IGF REPORT; if people could continue sending through
> their impressions and thoughts about the Baku meeting for the report that
> would be helpful. We will then send the draft through for feedback and
> refining in the usual way. This report is about what the coalition did but
> also provides feedback to the IGF secretariat.
> c) UPCOMING EVENTS: The following are places and meetings in which we have
> already been active, or involved with others in activities. Others are ones
> we might want to consider in terms of unpacking the Charter, or creating
> synergies with others.
> - WCIT 2012; Is there anyone who is going who would be willing to act as
> rapporteur for the Coalition? This event is next week so we have little
> time to organize a coalition event.
> - UNESCO WSIS +10 Meeting in Paris this coming February. The call for
> panels is out and the deadline in 10th December. This might be a good
> opportunity for members who are involved in education and outreach around
> human rights and the Internet to move the IRP Charter on around the
> education and diversity clauses. These need work and have had relatively
> little attention. See
> http://www.unesco.org/new/en/communication-and-information/flagship-project-activities/unesco-and-wsis/wsis-10-review-meeting/
> Is anyone already involved or interested in organizing a Coalition panel
> there? Please let us all know.
> -EURODIG: the European Dialogue on Internet Governance will be in Lisbon
> next year in May. The coalition has been very active in these meetings; the
> new Council of Europe Expert Group initiative is where the IRP Charter has
> clearly a concrete role to play. Any coalition members interested in
> organizing something for this event, please let us know.
> - IGF 2013: this is in Bali. Indonesia. It is a while away but organizing
> events takes place ahead so we will keep you posted. If people or
> organizations are planning anything around Bali, good to let us know for
> coordination purposes.
> - Are the any other events to consider?
> A list below based on the meeting outcome and discussions since around how
> the Coalition can move forward and also continue the work started with the
> IRP Charter as the baseline document.
> a) Promoting and working with the IRP Charter more thoroughly by breaking
> it down into 'byte-sized' projects around one or more clauses. Flesh these
> out, debate, develop and apply accordingly.
> b) Educational: Gathering knowledge about curricula around IG and human
> rights in which the Charter, along with other rights-based projects from
> members, can be included. Here work with the Ten Principles as an outreach
> and educational tool as an access point to the fuller Charter. All
> imaginative ideas and concrete educational aids welcome; perhaps a list of
> current courses in which the Charter or HR issues around IG feature would
> be worth compiling.
> c) Development and Refinement of the IRP Charter itself; Formatting the
> Charter (already 30 pages, including commentaries, appendices, and the
> preambles/Ten Principles) to have it easier to read and access as a whole.
> A one-stop document project that needs coordination and some
> editing/publishing skills
> d) Creating collaborative links with coalition member-organizations and
> others beyond the coalition.
> e) The mailing list: recreate a space for constructive and lively debate
> around issues of common concern that need discussion and also organize and
> liaise on specific projects.
> f) Outreach; a Young People's section of the Coalition was one idea
> mooted; we co-Chairs support this idea. Anyone want to take the lead here?
> g) Continue developing the content on the IRP website (www.irpcharter.org);
> retrieve the list archives to store on the new list server; make more use
> of the coalition's Facebook and Twitter feeds.
> All material for these three outlets can be sent to Minda Moreira and
> Keith Hubbard (mindamoreira at hotmail.com; keith.a.hubbard at gmail.com)
> That's all for now. Any suggestions or comments gladly received. We'll be
> back with the Steering Committee nominations and voting schedule.
> Looking forward to working with you all.
> warm regards
> Marianne Franklin & Matthias Kettemann
> Co-Chairs IRP Coalition.
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