[IRPCoalition] [bestbits] Coordination during WCIT -- who's attending, who's reporting

Marianne Franklin m.i.franklin at gold.ac.uk
Wed Nov 28 14:37:13 EET 2012

HI all

A list of participating people's Twitter feeds and relevant hash-tags 
for new and views around the WCIT would be great.


On 28/11/2012 00:50, Ellery Biddle wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> We have been talking here at CDT about various strategies for 
> communications and coordination during the WCIT. Lots to think about 
> here. Two items on this:
> First: Who is going to Dubai? We /really/ want to develop a list of 
> civil society people who will be in Dubai for the conference. We think 
> it would be helpful for those attending WCIT to know what other CS 
> people will be there, and to develop a rough plan for coordinating 
> once they are in Dubai. Matthew Shears, ISOC's former policy director 
> who has been working on ITU issues with CDT, will be in Dubai on CDT's 
> behalf. He will not be affiliated with any delegation. *If you or 
> someone from your organization is going to be in Dubai (with or 
> without delegate status), and you'd like to be in touch with other 
> civil society folks there, please send Matthew an email letting him 
> know. Matthew's email: mshears at cdt.org <mailto:mshears at cdt.org>*
> Second: How can we coordinate on public communication about the WCIT? 
> We know that many CSOs will be blogging, tweeting, and responding to 
> press inquiries about the WCIT as it's happening. Given the relatively 
> closed nature of the event, we know that it may be difficult to get 
> the information we need in order to do this well, and that some 
> coordination between groups may help fill this gap. We also anticipate 
> that rumors and misinformation may become an issue, as different 
> delegates may hear different things, etc. In anticipation of this, we 
> want to propose a group call for next week. This will be open to any 
> civil society groups planning to report on WCIT, either from Dubai or 
> from outside the UAE. Given the size of these lists, I am setting an 
> arbitrary (though early, which generally seems best) time and date for 
> the call. Hope that plenty of folks can join -- we'll take and 
> circulate good notes for those who can't make it.
> *The call will take place on Tuesday, December 4 at 16:00 UTC / 11:00 
> EST. *A list of international toll-free call-in numbers is attached. I 
> will circulate this again, along with a reminder, on Monday.
> As always, please feel encouraged to reply to the list with additional 
> ideas, questions, etc.
> Thanks all!
> Ellery
> Ellery Roberts Biddle
> Center for Democracy and Technology <http://cdt.org>
> (415) 814-1711

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