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Dear Marianne,

Congrats for taking up as the co-chair... look forward to working under 
your able leadership....


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Subject: 	IRP: listserv problems and a new co-chair!
Date: 	Tue, 20 Nov 2012 16:55:34 +0000
From: 	Dixie Hawtin <Dixie at global-partners.co.uk>

Hi all,

**This is an email for the IRP Coalition -- apologies for the delay is 
providing an update from the IGF. As some of you have noticed the IRP 
listserv is down. Just as we sorted out the website (please see the 
great work of Minda and Keith here: http://www.irpcharter.org/), it 
looks like we will need to set up a new listserv also. This is being 
worked on and should be ready any day. Expect an update and invitation 
to the re-launched list in the near future.**

However I have sent this now because I couldn't wait any longer to 
announce the*new IRP co-chair:* *Marianne Franklin!* The IRP had a 
fantastic meeting in Baku despite difficult circumstances (a Friday 9am 
slot and a clash with the first Human Rights Roundtable). It was great 
to see so many people in the room and brimming with so much enthusiasm. 
The most important job on the agenda was to elect a new co-chair as my 
term has now come to an end. I am very pleased to announce that there 
was enthusiastic and unanimous support for _our new IRP co-chair: 
Marianne Franklin from the University of Goldsmiths!_**Marianne has been 
an active IRP Steering Committee member for many years and has proved 
herself a real asset to the Coalition.

*A Steering Committee:* At the meeting we also called for nominations 
for the IRP Steering Committee. We had lots of interest in the room and 
Norbert Bollow, Allon Barr, Michael Gurstein, and Parminder Singh all 
expressed interest. We wanted to open up the call to the list to see if 
anyone else would like to join, and in particular people from 
government, intergovernmental organisations and businesses. It would 
also be nice to get more of a geographical spread. _Matthias and 
Marianne will follow this up with a survey monkey vote in the next 2 
weeks so please do send your interest through before then._

*The IRP at the IGF: *The meeting began with a discussion about the work 
that the IRP are doing with the Council of Europe to clarify user rights 
in the internet environment and to identify redress mechanisms that 
users can employ when their rights are violated. This conversation 
quickly turned to a debate about privacy and anonymity online, and on 
the responsibilities of businesses to respect human rights. The bulk of 
the meeting focussed on what the IRP should be working on over the next 
year. The results of the survey were presented (please find these 
attached) and then there was a lively discussion. The overall message 
was: _publicise, publicise, publicise! _Many people in the room were new 
to the IRP -- they had never heard of the 10 IRP or the Charter 
initiative but thought it was relevant to their work and others in their 
countries and they wanted to be a part of it. The other ideas were about 
going deeper by, for example, taking a  Charter article every year and 
examining more closely to see when, where and how it is violated, to 
identify best practice for different internet actors in relation to that 
article, and to raise awareness.

So, this is my last email as IRP co-chair. I have really enjoyed the 
role, thanks to all of you!

Very best,



*Dixie Hawtin*

*Project Manager, Freedom of Expression and Digital 
Communications****Global Partners and Associates*

Development House, 56-64 Leonard St, EC2A 4LT, UK

Office: +44 (0)20 7549 0338

*mailto:dixie at global-partners.co.uk*

*www.global-partners.co.uk <http://www.global-partners.co.uk/> *

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