[IRP] "Right to Remain Silent" - Azerbaijan situation @IGF 2012 - Azeri speakers

Marianne Franklin m.i.franklin
Wed Nov 7 08:32:00 EET 2012

Dear all

Sorted out the places Azeri activists are speaking today; thankfully not 
in parallel but in back-to-back sessions:

Elvin Mejidov is speaking at the RP Coalition-Access workshop ( 
at 14.30 in Room 2

Emin Milli has tweeted that he's "Speaking today at #*igf12* 
<https://twitter.com/search?q=%23igf12&src=hash> in Baku at the workshop 
about "Civil Rights in Digital Age" at 16.30 in room 8"

To those of you not at Baku, speaking here is all via headphones; a 
different aural space for f2f meetings..


On 07/11/2012 10:21, Marianne Franklin wrote:
> Dear all
> Emin Milli is not speaking at the IRP Coalition-Access workshop ( 
> http://wsms1.intgovforum.org/content/no157-access-internet-human-right) but 
> Elvin Mejidov. Information is free but also needs to be accurate. 
> Hopefully Emin can be there too.
> cheers
> MF
> On 07/11/2012 10:11, Marianne Franklin wrote:
>> Hi again
>> Had to resend this as my typing is appalling!
>> On 07/11/2012 10:07, Marianne Franklin wrote:
>>> Dear all
>>> Many of you will already have this via other lists from people at 
>>> the Baku IGF. A report critical of the Freedom of Expression 
>>> situation in Azerbaijan is being prevented from distribution at the 
>>> IGF based on a UN rule about 'naming and shaming' that is clearly 
>>> being enforced for some and not for others.
>>> Azeri dissidents are being forbidden from distributing the printed 
>>> report but it is (still) available as a PDF online; For how long is 
>>> the question as Freedom of Expression online is also under threat:
>>> http://www.ifex.org/azerbaijan/2012/11/05/irfs_launches_new_report/
>>> For more see Emin Milli's Blog. Emin will also be speaking this 
>>> afternoon at the IRP Coalition-Access hosted workshop entitled "Is 
>>> access to the Internet a human right?": A controversial theme as we 
>>> all recall when the Charter on Internet Rights and Principles was 
>>> being written so given this recent development on the ground a 
>>> timely moment to hear what Azeri activists have to say; 
>>> http://wsms1.intgovforum.org/content/no157-access-internet-human-right
>>> Feel free to circulate the Link to the report widely (and "read 
>>> before burning')
>>> MF

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