[IRP] "Right to Remain Silent" - Critical report on Azerbaijan situation suppressed at IGF 2012

Marianne Franklin m.i.franklin
Wed Nov 7 08:07:48 EET 2012

Dear all

Many of you will already have this via other lists from people at the 
Baku IGF. A report critical of the Freedom of Expression situation in 
Azerbaijan is being prevented from distribution at the IGF based on a UN 
rule about 'naming and shaming' that is clearly being enforced in for 
some but for others.

Azeri dissidents are being forbidden from distributing the printed 
report but it is (still) available as a PDF online; For how long is the 
question as Freedom of Expression online is also under threat:


For more see Emin Milli's Blog. Emin will also be speaking this 
afternoon at the IRP Coalition-Access hosted workshop entitled "Is 
access to the Internet a human right?": A controversial theme as we all 
recall when the Charter on Internet Rights and Principles was being 
written so given this recent development on the ground a timely moment 
to hear what Azeri activists have to say; 

Feel free to circulate the Link to the report widely (and "read before 

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