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Hi all,

Just to say we've had 17 replies so far to the online survey - thanks to everyone who has replied so far! - and it's putting an interesting picture together our membership (interestingly we have responses from civil society, academia, international organisations, the technical community and businesses... but no government representatives as of yet...) and what people want to see us working on and achieving over the next few years.

If you haven't yet responded to the short questionnaire please do so: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/75TXGPL

The results will inform our discussions in Baku and hence our future activities!

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Hi IRPers,

The final countdown to the Internet Governance Forum has begun and the IRP have a lot coming up!

The main Internet Rights and Principles Coalition meeting will be happening on Friday 9 November at 09:00-10:30 in Room 7. This is a very important meeting - we will create an IRP strategy for the next few years and elect new steering committee members, and a new co-chair. If you would like to feed your thoughts in to how the IRP should develop please fill in this very short survey: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/75TXGPL

In addition we have co-organised three workshops looking at cutting edge issues relating to human rights on the internet:

*         Empowering Internet User - which tools?<http://wsms1.intgovforum.org/content/no128-empowering-internet-users-%E2%80%93-which-tools>  Tuesday 6 November at 14:30-16:00 in Room 8

*         Is Access to the Internet a Human Right?<http://wsms1.intgovforum.org/content/no157-access-internet-human-right> Wednesday 7 November at 14:30-16:00 in Room 2

*         Threats to multi-stakeholder Internet Governance -is it worth protecting?<http://wsms1.intgovforum.org/content/no145-threats-multi-stakeholder-internet-governance-%E2%80%93-it-worth-protecting> Thursday 8 November at 09:00-10:30 in Room 6

And furthermore we will be launching our new website developed by the wonderful Minda Moreira and Keith Hubbard!
We hope you can join us - either in the room or remotely.
Very best,
Dixie Hawtin
Project Manager, Freedom of Expression and Digital Communications Global Partners and Associates
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Office: +44 (0)20 7549 0338
mailto:dixie at global-partners.co.uk

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