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Carlos Affonso Pereira de Souza caffsouza at gmail.com
Wed Dec 5 22:08:46 EET 2012

Hi everyone:

I would like to volunteer to act in the Steering Committee as well in this
new stage of the coalition. Things have changed since we all began in 2006,
but if there something we may all agree is that the debate over internet
rights is getting more and more lively. So here is my bio and statement.

Carlos Affonso Pereira de Souza

I am the vice-coordinator of the Center for Technology & Society (CTS) at
the Getulio Vargas Foundation's (FGV) Law School in Rio de Janeiro. I hold
a Doctoral and a Master degree in Civil Law
at the University of the State of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ, 2009 and 2003).

Currently I am in the US as a visiting fellow at Yale's Information Society
Project (ISP) and a Policy Fellow at the Access NGO. I usually teach in the
graduation and post-graduation courses of FGV and PUC-Rio on Intellectual
Property and Internet Governance.

In the internet governance environment I have been a councillor at the
Generic Names Supporting Organization (GNSO/ICANN), representing the
non-commercial users constituency (NCUC) from 2008 to 2009, and a member of
NCUC's Executive Committee (2010).

I have been in what is now the Internet Rights and Principles initiative
since the time it was the Internet Bill of Rights dynamic coalition. We
(CTS/FGV) organized a small workshop in 2008 with coalition members during
the Creative Commons' Isummit in Japan and have later helped around the
Charter drafting as a member of the IRP Steering Committee.

I believe most of you know about the Bill on civil rights for the Internet
that we are trying to aprove down in Brazil. One of my main interests in
the next year for the coalition would be to connect the experience that we
are having in the national level with the international effort that the IRP
is spearheading. There is much to lear about online collaboration, the
practice of a multistakeholder governance model and the organization of
interests around a human rights driven debate.

Carlos Affonso

2012/12/5 Bodle, Robert <Robert_Bodle at mail.msj.edu>

> Hi all,
> Here is my bio, to express interest in continuing to serve as a Steering
> Member for IRP. Sorry for the length!
> best, robert
> --
> Robert Bodle is Associate Professor of Communication and New Media Studies
> at the College of Mount St. Joseph (Cincinnati, OH) where he teaches New
> Media and Society, Human Rights in the Digital Age, New Media Ethics, and
> Social Media & Social Change. His research interests focus on privacy
> rights and freedom of expression online. Robert joined the IRP Coalition in
> 2008 and began working with pivotal members Max Senges and Lisa Horner to
> help facilitate the writing of an early draft of the Charter and to provide
> support for the IRP during IGF Egypt (2009). At GigaNet (2009) Robert
> presented his paper “Social Media and Global Internet Governance:
> Innovations and Limitations” and was recipient of the GigaNet Scholarship
> Award. From 2009-2012 Robert managed social media for the coalition
> (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube) growing community, doing outreach, raising
> awareness, and advocating for Human Rights on the Internet. In 2011 Robert
> helped launch the IRP Charter site (created by Jenn Carrig – his partner)
> at IGF Nairobi. At GigaNet (2011) Robert presented his current research
> “Upholding online anonymity in Internet governance: Affordances, ethical
> frameworks, and regulatory practices.” For 2012-2014 Robert would like to
> see IRP strengthen its ties with existing advocacy groups, NGOs, technical
> agencies, and Internet companies (intermediaries); create
> advocacy-educational materials for workshops, social media platforms, and
> online courses; and to continue to creatively intervene at high level
> diplomatic ministerial forums (e.g., IGF Bali), summits, meetings, expert
> panels, as well as in less formal interactions.
> --
> Robert Bodle, PhD
> Associate Professor of Communication and New Media Studies
> Division of Arts and Humanities
> College of Mount St. Joseph
> http://robertbodle.org/
> --
Centro de Tecnologia e Sociedade (CTS/FGV)
Escola de Direito da Fundação Getulio Vargas
tel. +55 21 3799-5300
caf at fgv.br
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