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Interesting - While it is true that most lists are set to 'reply to' the
list, I think Taipani's reasoning that people must make a concsious
decision to reply to the list is very legitimate. I also think it is
good to be exposed to, and respect, different mailing list cultures.

In fact, if the settings for the civil society internet governance
caucus list (IGC) was set to 'reply to author' itmight actually manage
to find the time to read it:)

As a matter of interest, this does actually not affect me. I use
Thunderbird on Ubuntu and have an automatic option (clickable button) 
in my mail client to 'reply to list'. Don't mostmail clients offer that
option these days?


On 30/11/2012 13:13, michael gurstein wrote:
> Marianne suggested that I also send this to the list to see what opinion (if any) others might have on this...
> M
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> Hi Tapani (and Marianne and Matthias...
> Interesting... It must be a cultural/sectoral thing... None of the dozen or so lists I host or any of the dozens of e-lists where I am a subscriber have the "reply" back to the author... the default "reply" is always back to the list... About one out of very 10,000 emails are misdirected (someone forgets that that is the default) but it sure saves having to remember which reply button to hit each time you want to make an intervention...
> But I'm easy and will leave this up to Marianne (+Matthias) to decide 
> Best,
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> Off-list,
> On Thu, Nov 29, 2012 at 12:16:12PM -0800, michael gurstein (gurstein at gmail.com) wrote:
>> ... BTW, the list seems to be badly configured -- when I hit reply it 
>> goes back to you directly rather than to the list.
> That is normal default behaviour on all mailing lists, and while it can of course be changed by the list owner, I definitely prefer it this way -- replying to the list should require conscious decision, rather than being automatic. (In most email clients it's not any harder, just needs a different key or button.)
> But I'll leave it up to Marianne: if you want to change it, you'll find the setting under "General Options".
> --
> Tapani Tarvainen
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