[IRP] Silicon Valley Human Rights Conference

Brett Solomon brett
Fri Sep 23 21:56:13 EEST 2011

Hi people,

Good luck to all those attending the IGF! Jochai (jochai at accessnow.org) and
Keisha (keisha at accessnow.org) from Access will be there, and are on a range
of different panels. Two things to note:

1.  We are organising the *Silicon Valley Human Rights
Conference*<http://www.rightscon.org>on October 25-26, 2011 in San
Francisco. Speakers include  Michael Posner
(US Assistant Secretary of State); Alex MacGillivray (General Counsel,
Twitter); Rebecca MacKinnon (New America Foundation); Andrew McLaughlin
(Former Deputy CTO Whitehouse); Amr Gharbeia (Egyptian Initiative for
Personal Rights) and Nathan Freitas (The Guardian Project). See all speakers
at http://www.rightscon.org/speakers and attendees @

We are happy to be able to provide a *25% discount for IRPers *with the code
"Access-IRP" @ https://www.rightscon.org/register (Expires on 9/30).

2. There has been much debate about net neutrality. Access is releasing a *new
report at the IGF* which finds that reversing net neutrality will hinder the
development of poor and emerging countries - by limiting the power of 3G for
development; increasing antitrust practices among technology companies;
ballooning the cost of online learning; legitmizing the concept of filtered
and unfiltered content and limiting access to relevant content for the
poorest. I have attached the summary. The full paper can be found at

Best wishes

Brett Solomon
Executive Director

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