[IRP] New WITNESS report: 'Cameras Everywhere: Current Challenges and Opportunities at the Intersection of Human Rights, Video and Technology'

Sam Gregory sam
Fri Sep 9 01:05:52 EEST 2011

Hi IRP colleagues,

I hope this is not off-topic - I think it is germane to thinking about a
human rights framework for the internet, and welcome your feedback!

WITNESS has just released a new report, ?Cameras Everywhere: Current
Challenges and Opportunities at the Intersection of Human Rights, Video and
Technology?. Much of the analysis views how we deal with the increasing
creation, and then (online) sharing of video through a human rights lens,
both in terms of enabling freedom of expression and protecting privacy.
Sometimes these questions can be viewed purely through a video lens, but
often times they are best addressed with a broader technology/Internet
policy lens. We'd welcome your feedback on it - and suggestions of how to
push the Recommendations within it.

Based on in-depth discussions with over 40 senior experts and practitioners
in technology, human rights and related fields, the report presents a
roadmap to emerging trends in policy and practice at the juncture between
human rights, technology, social media and business.

New communication technologies are playing a powerful role in contemporary
human rights work.  As more and more people, including many who might not
see themselves as human rights activists, use video and social media to
document, share and organize, there is a need to identify ways to ensure
that they can do so as effectively, safely and ethically as possible.

'Cameras Everywhere' makes recommendations on how important players in the
new human rights landscape can take specific, manageable steps to strengthen
the practical and policy environments for human rights video, and other
information and communication technologies (ICTs) used for human rights.

You can find a link to the Cameras Everywhere report site
and the report itself can be downloaded here:


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