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One other update -

EURODIG: On Tuesday from 11:00 - 12:30am we will host a workshop entitled: "What role can human rights play in Internet policy?" IRP members Meryem, Tapani and Dixie will be joined on stage by Bill Drake and Eric Tomson to discuss what role human rights should play in Internet policy discussions, and what practical steps different stakeholders can take in order to realize this vision.

If you will be at Eurodig come along, and if not you can also participate by remote participation!

For those of you who will be at Eurodig - we are still looking for a remote participant moderator and a reporter. Let me know if you can help out.


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Hi everyone,

Here is a quick update about some of the projects going on in the Coalition that I know of. If anyone else has been involved in any IRP-related activities please do let us all know!

FRANK LA RUE STATEMENT: Next Friday Frank La Rue, the UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression, will be presenting his report to the Human Rights Council on freedom of expression on the Internet (http://bit.ly/kNHvvm). The report will be really important in putting Internet issues on the agenda of traditional human rights mechanisms. It would be great if we can drum up interest and support for the report in advance so we will be sending around a Statement later this week for the Coalition to discuss, and hopefully endorse.

IGF: We definitely have an IRP Coalition meeting room and have also applied for a separate workshop and a "booth". Ideally we will use the separate workshop to engage with the wider Coalition and others on substantial issues, and this will allow us to use the IRP meeting to deal with internal issues. The booth will also be a great chance to raise awareness about our work and recruit new members.

TEDX HARLEM: Lee M has managed to get the IRP on a list to part organize a TEDX Harlem meeting on October 18. If you are interested in being involved in this please let Lee know.

CHARTER: I spoke about the Coalition and the Charter to a group of traditional human rights groups in Geneva yesterday, and invited them all to submit feedback on the Charter.

EXPLANATORY DOCUMENT: The Centre for Law and Democracy are working on a commentary document which will take each of the articles in the Charter and elaborate on how they are supported by International legal standards. They expect to have finished a draft by late June/early July.

INTERNAL ISSUES: Meryem brought up some really interesting ideas about strategy for the Charter and the Coalition. I think these merit real consideration, and I would like to schedule a conference call soon to discuss. I will follow up in the next couple of weeks. Also, in terms of the next Chair - I think there was general consensus that we will spend the time between now and the IGF really preparing to make the most of that experience to further our aims, and that we can focus on electing a new chair in the IGF aftermath. But in the meantime I'd encourage people to start thinking about whether they might like to be a chair or to sit on the steering committee!

All the best,
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