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Thu May 12 08:34:47 EEST 2011

Dear Lisa and IRP members,
thank you for the time and good work you put in. I am especially
grateful that you sought us and involved us in the IRP activities.
Wishing you the very best in your future endeavours.
I support the appointment of Dixie as interim chair, she has been
quite active and able.
I do not know/get too well on the implication of having the elections
during the IGF vis a vis at another time...No comment.

2011/5/12, Meryem Marzouki <meryem at marzouki.info>:
> Hi Lisa and all,
> I am very sorry that you need to step down from the chair position: I think
> IRP achievements in the last couple of years wouldn't have been made
> possible without the energy you put in leading the process, together with
> Dixie!
> Regarding your question and suggestion on the way ahead: since we need to
> keep our time and energy to concentrate on the preparation of the next IGF
> and our own projects (the Charter, the different initiatives derived from it
> and their publicization), I would advise to stick to the current procedure
> and have the steering committee appoints an interim chair until the next
> IGF. Then, at the IGF, we can have our steering committee elections and the
> chair elected by the coalition as well, if the decision is made at that time
> to change the rules, or by the newly elected steering committee if we're
> fine with the current rules.
> Regarding the interim chair, all current steering committee members would be
> excellent candidates. However, I'm convinced that, for the coalition to
> continue with its good achievements till now, we would need someone able to
> commit the time and energy that you committed during your term. If any of
> the current steering committee members can do that, then fine. Otherwise, I
> think that Dixie has shown that she could dedicate enough time to the
> commitment. In addition, she showed her energy and sense of diplomacy;) and
> she knows very well the IRP processes and projects. That would make her an
> excellent interim chair for our coalition.
> Best,
> Meryem
> Le 11 mai 2011 ? 11:14, Lisa Horner a ?crit :
>> Hi all
>> As you'll have seen, I sent a note to our steering committee yesterday,
>> saying that I would be stepping down as chair of the coalition in the near
>> future.  I wanted to run it past them first, mainly as it could
>> potentially involve a change in our established procedures for elections
>> (see http://internetrightsandprinciples.org/node/9).
>> I've very much enjoyed chairing the coalition - we've done some great and
>> important work together, and it's been a huge pleasure to work with
>> everyone.  However, I've decided to step down as chair for a number of
>> reasons (although I'd still like to participate in the coalition).
>> IRP steering committee elections are due at the next IGF according to our
>> internal procedures, as this will be our 2nd IGF with the current
>> committee and chair. However, I thought it might makes sense to have a new
>> chair (and committee) in place before then so that they can prepare
>> properly for the IGF...so our energy there is focused on making impact
>> rather than on internal procedure.
>> I'm also  finding that I don't have as much time at the moment to dedicate
>> to driving the coalition forward as is needed and deserved.  I feel that
>> we're at quite a critical juncture in the development of the coalition,
>> with
>> awareness and membership raised by the punchy principles, and solid work
>> being produced through the charter process.  I think we need someone to
>> push
>> the coalition forwards at this important time so that we can really build
>> on
>> what we've achieved so far.  It'll of course also be good to have someone
>> with renewed energy and fresh ideas at the helm.
>> However, there seemed to be a feeling in the steering committee that we
>> shouldn't have elections at the moment as that would divert energy and
>> attention away from the work we need to do with the principles and charter
>> in the run up to the IGF.  The suggestion was made by a few members of the
>> committee that Dixie Hawtin takes over as an interim chair until the IGF,
>> after which we can elect a new committee and chair.
>> What do you think?  Would you like Dixie to step up as interim chair until
>> the IGF?  That would give us enough time to prepare for new elections, and
>> keep us focused on issues and impact rather than procedure. We could have
>> the elections immediately after the IGF, so as not to disturb our work at
>> the IGF itself, and hopefully also get some new people on board.
>> If we do decide on this option, we may want to revisit the rules of
>> procedure to check that we're happy with them (e.g. including the
>> procedure of the elected steering committee electing its own chair).
>> Please share your thoughts on this.
>> All the best,
>> Lisa
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