[IRP] Launching the principles on THURSDAY 31st

M I Franklin cos02mf
Wed Mar 30 12:14:51 EEST 2011

Dear All

All the best tomorrow.

Lisa, would you mind sending through one more time all links to the 
Principles/Charter launch; Twitter, Facebook, etc... I'm working on getting 
these up and around and have lost track amidst the emails..;-))


--On 29 March 2011 22:32 +0100 Lisa Horner <LisaH at global-partners.co.uk> 

> Hi all
> It is too late to change the flyer or the text of the principles at this
> stage, at least for this version.  I also think we need to be wary of
> discouraging anyone from putting time, effort and resources into trying
> to make things work for the coalition.  We rely on people's efforts in
> their spare time to contribute.  Considering that, I think we're
> extremely lucky to have such a professional looking flyer that will help
> us with our outreach.  I'd like to reiterate my thanks to Brett and his
> colleagues for that.
> But of course, if people want to do something different, that's fine too.
> We are always more than welcoming of new ideas and inputs. The more
> mutually supportive effort we can all put in, the better.  But there is a
> question over branding I guess.  I actually like the retro feel to it - I
> think it makes it feel very contemporary.
> RE the text - people can revisit it for a redraft if they want to, a
> little later down the line.  We're always (too?)flexible with the
> deadlines for commenting, and try to take as much on board as possble.
> But it really is late in the day now.
> Anyway, a lot of effort has gone into this from quite a broad group of
> people, and I personally think we have a great output to show for it.
> Looking forwards to Thursday!
> All the best,
> Lisa
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