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Hi all,
Great work!
I'd be happy to work on Swahili!
Kuna mwingine yeyote?

2011/3/25 Lisa Horner <LisaH at global-partners.co.uk>

> Thanks Jacinto.  We've already had an offer from Miguel for Spanish, so
> we're ok for that.  But thanks very much for the offer.
> I've pasted the final text of the pricnciples below.  They're not online
> yet, but will be for our launch next wednesday. (The link you sent is to the
> main Charter...the principles are a punchy, condensed set of key standards
> that dervie from the longer and more detailed Charter).   I'll send round
> the designed flyer next week.
> So, for translation so far, we have fantastic volunteers for the following
> languages:
> Filipino
> Arabic
> Spanish
> Portuguese
> Swedish.
> Anyone else?  French?  Mandarin/Cantonese?  Swahili? .........
> Thanks again everyone! :-)
> Lisa
> -----------------------------
> This document defines ten key rights and principles that must form the
> basis of Internet governance. They have been compiled by the Internet Rights
> and Principles Dynamic Coalition (IRP), an open network of individuals and
> organisations working to uphold human rights in the Internet environment.
> The principles are rooted in international human rights standards, and
> derive from the coalition's emerging Charter of Human Rights and Principles
> for the Internet.
> The Internet offers unprecedented opportunities for the realisation of
> human rights, and plays an increasingly important role in our everyday
> lives. It is therefore essential that all actors, both public and private,
> respect and protect human rights on the Internet. Steps must also be taken
> to ensure that the Internet operates and evolves in ways that fulfil human
> rights to the greatest extent possible. To help realise this vision of a
> rights-based Internet environment, the 10 Rights and Principles are:
> 1) Universality and Equality
> All humans are born free and equal in dignity and rights, which must be
> respected, protected and fulfilled in the online environment.
> 2) Rights and Social Justice
> The Internet is a space for the promotion, protection and fulfilment of
> human rights and the advancement of social justice. Everyone has the duty to
> respect the human rights of all others in the online environment.
> 3) Accessibility
> Everyone has an equal right to access and use a secure and open Internet.
> 4) Expression and Association
> Everyone has the right to seek, receive, and impart information freely on
> the Internet without censorship or other interference. Everyone also has the
> right to associate freely through and on the Internet, for social,
> political, cultural or other purposes.
> 5) Privacy and Data Protection
> Everyone has the right to privacy online. This includes freedom from
> surveillance, the right to use encryption, and the right to online
> anonymity. Everyone also has the right to data protection, including control
> over personal data collection, retention, processing, disposal and
> disclosure.
> 6) Life, Liberty and Security
> The rights to life, liberty, and security must be respected, protected and
> fulfilled online. These rights must not be infringed upon, or used to
> infringe other rights, in the online environment.
> 7) Diversity
> Cultural and linguistic diversity on the Internet must be promoted, and
> technical and policy innovation should be encouraged to facilitate plurality
> of expression.
> 8) Network Equality
> Everyone shall have universal and open access to the Internet's content,
> free from discriminatory prioritisation, filtering or traffic control on
> commercial, political or other grounds.
> 9) Standards and Regulation
> The Internet's architecture, communication systems, and document and data
> formats shall be based on open standards that ensure complete
> interoperability, inclusion and equal opportunity for all.
> 10) Governance
> Human rights and social justice must form the legal and normative
> foundations upon which the Internet operates and is governed. This shall
> happen in a transparent and multilateral manner, based on principles of
> openness, inclusive participation and accountability.
> Get involved with developing the IRP Charter at www.irpcharter.org, follow
> us at @netrights on Twitter or join the Internet Rights and Principles
> Facebook group.
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