[IRP] Brainstorm...What do we call the punchy principles?

Norbert Bollow nb
Tue Mar 22 19:20:54 EET 2011

Parminder <parminder at itforchange.net> wrote:

> I think this needs more discussion, and  shouldnt be wrapped up in  a 
> hurry, even if there is a opportunity to print and distribute it. This a 
> key/ flagship document for IRP.


> > 2) Rights and Social Justice
> > The Internet is a space for the promotion, protection and fulfilment of human rights AND FOR ENSURING SOCIAL JUSTICE. Everyone has the duty to respect AND PROMOTE the human rights of all others in the online environment.


> > Everyone has the right to seek, receive, and impart information freely on the Internet without censorship or other interference. Everyone has the right to communicate anonymously online. EVERYONE ALSO HAS THE RIGHT TO ASSOCIATE FREELY THROUGH AND ON THE INTERNET, FOR SOCIAL, POLITICAL, CULTURAL OR OTHER PURPOSES.


> > 5) Privacy
> > Everyone has the right to privacy online, free from surveillance, including the right to control how their personal data is collected, used, disclosed, retained, COMMERICALLY EXPLOITED and disposed.


(plus also the additional note about encryption I suggested earlier)

> > 6) Life, liberty and security
> > The rights to life, liberty, and security must be respected, protected and fulfilled online (NOT SURE WHAT IS LIFE AND LIBERTY IN AN ONLINE ENVIRONMENT). These rights must not be infringed upon, or used to infringe other rights, in the online environment.

+1 => This needs to be better phrased so that the meaning with regard
to online environments is clear.

> > Everyone shall have universal, flexible (?? NOT SURE WHAT IT MEANS, IT CAN BE INTREPRETED IN WRONG MANNERS), and open access the Internet's content, free from discriminatory prioritisation, filtering or traffic control, ON COMMERCIAL OR POLITICAL GROUNDS.

+1 => drop "flexible", add "on commercial or political grounds", as
per Parminder's suggestion.

> > 9) Standards and regulation
> > The Internet's architecture shall be based on open standards that ENSURE (REMOVED facilitate) COMPLETE interoperability, inclusion AND EQUAL OPPURTUNITY (REMOVED of all) for all.

+1 => Parminder's proposed changes are significant improvements.
Still, it's too narrow to demand this only with regard to "the
Internet's architecture".

How about the following?

The Internet's architecture, communication systems, and document and
data formats shall be based on open standards that ensure complete
interoperability, inclusion and equal oppurtunity for all.


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