[IRP] Ten punchy principles

Norbert Bollow nb
Tue Mar 22 14:44:51 EET 2011

Hi Lisa and all

if it isn't too late, here's two more comments / requests for

* The point on Privacy should IMO explicitly mention the right to
  encrypted communication, without restriction on the ciphers
  and keys that one is allowed to use.

  Proposed wording:
  Everyone has the right to privacy online free from surveillance,
  including the right to control how their personal data is collected,
  used, disclosed, retained and disposed; and including the
  unrestricted right to use encryption.

* The point on Standards is currently too weak -- it is not enough to
  say that "the Internet's architecture" shall be based on open
  standards, as that can be understood to exclude higher-layer
  communication services (think "Facebook", "Twitter", etc).

  Proposed wording:
  The Internet's architecture and communication systems shall be based
  on open standards that facilitate interoperability for all and
  inclusion of all.


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