[IRP] FW: [NetBehaviour] Should We Have a Right To Be Forgotten Online?

Michael Gurstein gurstein
Tue Mar 15 15:40:17 EET 2011

This may be of interest...


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"In privacy circles, everybody's talking about the Right to be 
Forgotten. The European Commission has even proposed that the "right to 
be forgotten" should be written into the up-coming revision of the 
Privacy Directive. Originally, a rather curious French "universal right" 
that doesn't even have a proper English-translation (right to be 
forgotten? right to oblivion? right to delete?), le Doit a l'Oubli, is 
going mainstream. But, what on earth is it? For most people, I think 
it's an attempt to give people the right to wash away digital muck, or 
delete the embarrassing stuff, or just start fresh. But unfortunately, 
it's more complicated than that."


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