[IRP] CSISAC Press Release on OECD Communique on Internet Policy-Making Principles

Meryem Marzouki meryem
Thu Jun 30 03:08:49 EEST 2011

Hi all,

The OECD High-Level Meeting on the Internet Economy ended today, and released the OECD Communiqu? on Principles for Internet Policy-Making: 
This communiqu? was endorsed by OECD members + Egypt, as well as by BIAC (Business and Industry Advisory Commitee) and ITAC (Internet Technical Community Advisory Committee).

It was NOT endorsed by CSISAC (the Civil Society Information Society Advisory Committee).

CSISAC published a press release on this OECD communiqu? today 29 June:
together with a longer statement detailing its substantive reasons:

This decision was not easy to make. CSISAC has been fully involved in the multistakeholder discussions ahead of the meeting, to agree by consensus on a common communiqu?.

Unfortunately, CSISAC had to decline endorsing the last draft version of the communiqu? before the high-level meeting: while many advances were achieved in the drafting, there were some important remaining issues related to CSISAC core values, first and foremost the respect for fundamental human rights and freedoms and the rule of law, the promotion of access to knowledge, promotion of open standards, Net Neutrality and balanced intellectual property policies and regimes. I know that these are also core values for our IRP coalition.

For those who don't know CSISAC (http://csisac.org):
CSISAC is a coalition of more than 80 civil society groups from across the globe that provide input into the development of OECD policies relating to the Internet. Since 2009, CSISAC has formally represented the civil society perspective at certain OECD meetings and defended the rights of Internet users worldwide.

CSISAC documents related to the OECD Communiqu?, together with some CSISAC members statements (more to be added as they're released) are available on CSISAC website:

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