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Dixie Hawtin Dixie
Mon Jan 31 18:39:09 EET 2011

Hi all,

A big thank you for all of the comments on the draft Version 1.1 sent around before Christmas! I have gone through them all in detail and have made what changes I can. To access Version 1.1 of the Charter of Human Rights and Principles for the Internet please follow this link:  http://www.freedomofexpression.org.uk/resources/charter+of+human+rights+and+principles+for+the+internet+version+1+1

Most of the changes consist of clarifying wording. The more pertinent changes include:
*Fleshing out the article on Freedom of Expression to cover: other forms of censorship (rather than just filtering and blocking), freedom of the media, and freedom from hate speech (which was previously under the "Freedom of Religion" article).
*A new article looking specifically at the Rights of People with Disabilities which was developed together with a contact of Michael Gurstein, Gunela Astbrink, who is an expert on ICT policy and Disability policy.

A number of more specific areas emerged as needing more work - we should consult with experts in these areas, so please have a think if you know anyone. The areas are:
*Access to knowledge
*Anonymity (including real name registration)
*Indigenous peoples (nb, Michael Gurstein has been in touch with a contact of his in this area)

Other than that, a number of questions have been raised about how the Charter is presented and structured. For example: Do the right to health and the right to freedom of religion belong in the Charter or are they covered by Freedom of Expression and Information? Should we be referring to other human rights documents in the Charter? Do some of the more explanatory and policy-orientated phrases belong in the Charter? How can the Charter be used to respond to real situations? It would be really valuable if, before Version 2.0 is released, we can find a way of holding a face-to-face meeting for the Coalition to discuss these issues as well as the launch of the Charter and how we can use the Charter going forwards.

But for now, we are ready to move to the Consultation phase - if you haven't been in touch with Lisa to let her know when you can make a conference call to plan this next phase, please do so now!

Best wishes,
Dixie Hawtin
Researcher Global Partners and Associates
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