[IRP] Conference call next week - onwards and upwards with the Charter

Lisa Horner LisaH
Fri Jan 28 13:36:42 EET 2011

Hi all

I hope that you're well and settling into 2011 ok!

Dixie is just finishing going through everyone's final comments on draft 1.1 of the Charter, and will be sending it through to the list soon.  Thanks to Mike, we now have new text on the rights of people with disabilities and hopefully will also have text on the rights of indigenous people which is great.  And thanks to everyone who sent through their comments and ideas...it's all contributed to strengthening the document.

It would be really good to arrange a conference call to discuss how we take this forward from here...how we start our consultation process, and also devising a strategy to make sure that we have as much impact as possible in ways that we want to.  How is next Wednesday or Thursday for people?  Please reply to me offlist asap to let me know when you can make it, and I'll confirm the time early next week.  It's a critical time for us in this process, so I hope you can join!

We've already had some conversations about next steps, so I've used these to make some suggestions below to form a basis for discussion...it would be great if we could start that discussion onlist now in preparation for the call next week.  We'll need as many people as possible from the coalition to get involved and take charge of different areas....please have a think about what you'd like to do, and get involved! :)

Looking forward to it....

All the best,

NEXT STEPS IN THE CHARTER PROCESS.....suggestions for further discussion

1)      Devise a strategy, thinking clearly about what we can/want to achieve with the Charter (including risks and opportunities)

2)      Set up a working group of coalition members interested in pushing the process forward.  The group would be responsible for managing the overall consultation process and for incorporating changes at the end of the process.

3)      Define a list of specific issues that we need to consult more widely on.  We've started this list already...topics include right to the Internet,  incorporating considerations of mobile Internet, access to knowledge & IP, amongst others.

4)      Define a list of groups, interest/expert communities  and other communities that we would like to seek specific input on (generally or on specific subjects).  We've also started this...

5)      Put the Charter up on a wordpress site, and invite comments using digress.it

6)      Finish outstanding sections of the Charter, including the "section 2" table of responsibilities for different players, and "section 3" - the explanatory document which lists sources and examines the extent to which each article already has protection and precedent in international law.

7)      Translate the Charter into different languages.

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