[IRP] [Expression] Update on Censorship in Tunisia

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On Thu, Jan 13, 2011 at 10:03:48PM +0100, b at nwagner.org wrote 10K bytes in 414 lines about:
: following the lively debate on both lists regarding the current situation in Tunisia, I though the following developments might be of interest. A few hours ago the Tunisian President went on national state television to proclaim a variety of far-reaching changes, among them the end of Internet censorship.
: Since this speech I have received a variety of reports from friends and colleagues in Tunisia that many sites that were previously blocked have been unblocked in the last few hours, most notably Youtube. I would be interested to hear whether anyone else can confirm this.

I can relay from tunisians with which i've recently worked that tor and
other tools work again, as do various sites that were formerly blocked.

People seem to be nervous over how long this openness will last and how
much data can be collected by the authorities with the new openness.

Research continues.

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