[IRP] Call for comments: DRAFT Version 1.1

M I Franklin cos02mf
Fri Jan 7 19:02:18 EET 2011

Dear Dixie, Lisa, and all

Have read Draft 1.1 and would like to commend the amazing amount of work 
gone into this; from the first drafting by the Expert Group/Wolfgang 
Benedek and others, through to this current Draft.

Could I note a couple of very small points, in light too of the tweaks 
Dixie and Lisa want to make to 7 (c).

i) Clause 1 (b) Quality of Service: .... at some point could we consider 
also including in the last sentence about innovation an additional point; 
i.e. that no-one should have to "undergo centralized [ADD] *or automated* ] 
authorization and validation procedures"... ?

ii) Clause 4: Liberty and Security...: Should we not be wary of any 
phrasing that explicitly states that it may be "acceptable for a security 
measure to restrict human rights"? There has been a vibrant discussion 
around just this and for that reason, would it be more prudent to 
rephrase/delete this explicit reference to 'restricting' human rights? I 
don't feel comfortable with having this door ajar metaphorically speaking, 
particularly given recent and ongoing events..!

iii) 6 (a): Poverty Reduction and the Internet: the term 'technology" is 
very broad; how about we stick to "information and communication 
technologies" for consistency in this document...

iv) On abbreviations, better to write everything in full; not all readers 
can immediately translate UDHR, ICCPR, or even ICTs for that matter; we 
need to avoid jargon and writing out these shorthand references in full is 
not too onerous...

These points aside  - and they could 'come out in the wash' anyway once 
consultations begin - and unless others see any major slips or errors, I 
think the time has come to start the larger consultation process through 
this Draft.

For my part, will be discussing Draft 1.1 with my postgrad. students later 
in the term; they've all had a look at 1.0 so are engaged in understanding 
this process in interesting ways.,...


--On Tuesday, January 04, 2011 15:18 +0000 Dixie Hawtin 
<Dixie at global-partners.co.uk> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I hope everyone has enjoyed their holidays and I wish to all a very happy
> 2011!
> This is just a brief reminder that if you have any comments on the DRAFT
> Version 1.1 please send them through by January 8th! DRAFT Version 1.1
> can be accessed at the first link on this page:
> http://www.freedomofexpression.org.uk/resources/version+1+1+draft
> Also, there has been much difficulty in reaching an approach to filtering
> and blocking which everyone can agree on. Lisa and I have had an in-depth
> look through the discussion to date and would like to propose the
> following:
> Under Freedom of Expression we should exchange the current clause on
> freedom from blocking and filtering to:
> "Blocking and filtering systems which aim to prevent access to content
> and are not end-user controlled are a form of prior censorship and cannot
> be justified."
> (Please note, this language in inspired by the Joint Statement on
> Wikileaks by the UN and IAHCR Special Rapporteurs on freedom of
> expression, which is very clear and effective).
> Then, following Meryems suggestion, we do not need to address filtering
> for technical functioning here. Instead, under Security of the Internet,
> the provision should be changed to the following:
> "Everyone has the right to enjoy secure connections to and on the
> Internet. This includes protection from services and protocols that
> threaten the technical functioning of the Internet, such as viruses and
> malware."
> (Please note, in the discussions some people were keen to stress that the
> role of addressing viruses and malware belongs to ISPs and not to
> Governments. The Charter is supposed to be actor neutral, but this kind
> of information can go in the accompanying explanatory document.)
> I think this wording addresses the discussions we have been having much
> better than the wording in the DRAFT Version 1.1 so I propose that we use
> this wording unless anyone has any major objections?
> All the best,
> Dixie
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