[IRP] Slim Amamou (and other bloggers) arrested in Tunisia

M I Franklin cos02mf
Fri Jan 7 18:46:50 EET 2011

Thanks Meryem for this good advice;

Thanks everyone else for links and ideas that even those (Still) without 
Twitter accounts can access/spread!


--On Friday, January 07, 2011 17:24 +0100 Meryem Marzouki 
<meryem at marzouki.info> wrote:

> For more efficiency, I think it's better to join any action that  might
> be undertaken by the people who are closer to the protesters  than both
> IRP and FoE lists are. Watch out these websites, inter alia  (in English):
> - http://24sur24.posterous.com/tag/sidibouzid (events and protests in
> Tunisia, on and off line)
> - http://nawaat.org/portail/ (reporting and cyberactivism)
> - http://globalvoicesonline.org/-/world/middle-east-north-africa/ tunisia/
> As well as the press and human rights defenders / press freedom
> organizations websites. Mainstream media are starting to report on  the
> events, but Al Jazeera has an extended coverage, including this  article
> on "Tunisia's bitter cyberwar" at: http://
> english.aljazeera.net/indepth/features/2011/01/20111614145839362.html
> If you're on twitter, useful hashtags are: #SidiBouzid, #OpTunisia.  If
> you want to follow the twitter account of Al Jazeera journalist  covering
> the situation: http://twitter.com/yasmineryan
> One may also join demonstrations and other actions in different
> countries where they're organized. There are some in Paris, and
> Montreal, and probably other cities where there's an active Tunisian
> community, especially students.
> Best,
> Meryem
> Le 7 janv. 11 ? 16:40, Dixie Hawtin a ?crit :
>> Hi Meryem,
>> I have heard about the very sorry situation in Tunisia and it is
>> desperately sad that Slim has been targeted. Thanks for letting us
>> know.
>> I'm just wondering is there anything we can do? An online petition,
>> or people we should send messages of support (or censure) to, or
>> something else? Does anyone have any ideas? I would like us to
>> respond in some way.
>> Thanks,
>> Dixie
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>> Dear all,
>> You've probably heard about the situation in Tunisia, with street
>> demonstrations, strikes and other actions following events in the
>> city of Sidi Bouzid since mid-December, when a young unemployed men
>> selling goods in the streets immolate himself after the police seized
>> his goods. He recently died. These protests and of course this
>> desperate act, are a consequence of corruption and very high level of
>> unemployment, especially for young people including highly educated
>> people, in the country.
>> The Tunisian authorities exercizes severe repression against
>> protesters, and has intensified the censorship of the press and any
>> independent reporting and the targetting of any dissenting voice. In
>> particular, Slim Amamou - who recently participated to our
>> discussions on the IRP list, that's why I'm especially mentioning
>> him  - and other bloggers have been arrested, and there are no news
>> about their situation, except that Slim was detained at the ministry
>> of Interior headquarters.
>> Information in English may be found at: http://
>> globalvoicesonline.org/-/world/middle-east-north-africa/tunisia/ and
>> at: http://fr.readwriteweb.com/2011/01/07/divers/blogueur-slim-amamou-
>> auteur-sur-readwriteweb-arrt-en-tunisie-sidibouzid/?
>> utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A
>> +readwriteweb-france+%28ReadWriteWeb+France%29 (the latter article is
>> in French, but there are some comments in English at the bottom of
>> the page).
>> There is also an audio interview in English, including an interview
>> of Slim - of course before his arrest - at: http://media.theworld.org/
>> audio/010620118.mp3 (interview by Clark Boyd,BBC correspondent in
>> Brussels,published on 6 January).
>> Wanted to let you know...
>> Best,
>> Meryem
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