[IRP] Slim Amamou (and other bloggers) arrested in Tunisia

Meryem Marzouki meryem
Fri Jan 7 18:43:31 EET 2011

Le 7 janv. 11 ? 17:23, Marcin de Kaminski a ?crit :

> What is disturbing me personally about the arrest of Slim Amamou is  
> that as far as I have understood the Tunisian Pirate Party, in  
> which afaik Amamou is active, have been distributing USB sticks  
> prepared with the TOR Darknet system at universities in Tunis. This  
> means that the regime is going after not only people claims their  
> right to express, but also targetting people actively providing and  
> exploring tools for actually retaking this right. This is for me a  
> clear escalation of repression.

Why is this disturbing you? I mean, it's a fully coherent and  
efficient repressive approach. What is new, and in my opinion not  
disturbing but encouraging, is the distribution of such tools at a  
wider level than the handful of human rights activists in the country.
Also, since mailing lists are read, probably including this one, I  
would advise avoiding writing such things as who's active in which  
circles (whether it is true or not or simply suspected). The  
situation is already difficult and dangerous enough for some people  
inside the country.
Those who attended WSIS in Tunisia certainly understand how cautious  
one should be, if not for oneself, at least for the others.


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