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Lisa Horner LisaH
Thu Feb 10 19:08:13 EET 2011

Hi all
Apologies for the late notice, but more people seem to be able to make the call at 15.00 GMT tomorrow (Friday - one hour later than previously planned).  So please dial in then. Numbers same as before (below).
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Hi all

I'd like to suggest we have a conference call this Friday, 11th Feb at 14.00 GMT to finalise the Charter consultation process.  I really hope you can make it, and please do let us know if you'd like to take the lead with anything (consulting with different communities, translating the Charter etc).  And, as always, new people are more than welcome to participate - please get involved!

Numbers and agenda for the call below.

Looking forward to speaking to you then,

Notes on consultation process: http://tinyurl.com/4tb8mo6
Charter FAQs: http://tinyurl.com/6frddl9
The Charter (Beta 1.1) http://internetrightsandprinciples.org/node/367

Call Agenda:

1)      Do we want a steering committee?  (help to drive process forwards, incorporate results from consultations into charter and stop cluttering list with admin conversations)

2)      Agree on approach for consulting experts, individuals and communities

3)      Discuss options for collecting comments online (e.g. via wordpress and digress.it<http://digress.it>)

4)      Agree on approach for drafting/finishing sections 2&3 of Charter

5)      Discuss how we will finalise version 2.0 in summer 2011

6)      Strategy for maximizing impact and awareness (e.g. comments on relevant issues, press statements etc).

Call numbers:

Important Account Information:

 *   Conference Room Number: 3726932
To use the HiDef Conferencing(tm) service, you may call from:

Phone (Toll):

 From United States: +1 (201) 793-9022
 From Canada: +1 (201) 793-9022
 From Austria: +43 (0) 82040115470
 From Belgium: +32 (0) 7 0357134
 From France: +33 (0) 826109071
 From Germany: +49 01805009527
 From Ireland: +353 (0) 818270968
 From Italy: +39 848390177
 From Spain: +34 (9) 02885791
 From Switzerland: +41 (0) 8 48560397
 From United Kingdom: +44 (0) 8454018081


 Participants: +9900827043726932

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