[IRP] Calling all human rights activists: we want your poems

Anriette Esterhuysen anriette
Fri Aug 19 19:11:44 EEST 2011

Dear all.. please take this request seriously!
Poetry is important.


*Send us your human rights poetry*

*Deadline: August 29th, 2011*

Please send us your poems about human rights. What are the politics
you deal with everyday? Do you have things to say that a report with
footnotes just can't capture?

>From Ken Saro-Wiwa to Wislawa Syzmborska to Maya Angelou - they have
documented struggles and borne witness to change.

Were you in Tahrir Square? Are you part of the social network
revolution? Do you think technology can make a difference?

Right, wrong, more complicated?

**CK it all?

The Association for Progressive Communications, and Hivos would love
to consider your poems for the next publication of Global Information
Society Watch (GISWatch, www.giswatch.org), which is focused on the
internet, human rights and social resistance.

Send your poems to Alan Finlay (alan at apc.org), Jac sm Kee
(jac at apcwomen,org) and Jennifer Radloff (jenny at apcwomen.org).

Poems must be in English (sorry!). But if your language is *any* other
language, please send the original text with a basic English translation.

Artwork will also be considered (and appreciated!).

The deadline is 29th of August.

We hope to hear from you.

Alan, Jac and Jen.
Association for Progressive Communications (www.apc.org)

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