[IRP] Problem of abject poverty and hunger (was Re: Call notes...)

Bodle, Robert Robert_Bodle
Wed Aug 10 20:27:36 EEST 2011

Thank you Dixie for sending the notes to the meeting. 

Just a semi-quick note ?

I will be attending IGF Kenya and also the Giganet symposium (9/26) presenting my paper ?Upholding Online Anonymity in Internet Governance: affordances, ethical frameworks, and regulatory practices.? Looking forward to working with IRPrs as much as possible throughout the week. 

Re: IRP Workshop on Copyright
I am especially concerned about advanced tracking capabilities put to use by governments who wish to monitor copyright violators in the Three Strikes Law (Hadopi) in France, the Digital Economy Act in the UK, and also the legal challenges to online anonymity/privacy including PROTECT IP in the US, and the proposed ACTA agreement. Such laws and trade proposals reflect the growing interest of governments and corporations to protect intellectual property at a cost - ?a disproportionate violation of citizen?s rights to communication? (MacKinnon's TED Talk, ?Let's Take Back the Internet," http://www.ted.com/talks/rebecca_mackinnon_let_s_take_back_the_internet.html)

Re: Effective Advocacy aka ?business lobby playbook'
I love this, and also note that the punchy principles can help here (e.g., sound bites, messaging), as we apply them at various opportunities. 

Re: Solidarity with Somali Refugees
I would support a short statement that reflects some of the listserv discussion about endemic structural inequities and the role of ICTs, which can be posted on IRP websites and in a flyer distributed at IGF. (Marianne, if you spearhead draft, I can add a pair of eyes to it!)

We can also raise awareness through our social media outlets as well as tabling at the booth. 

I am not sure how to launch fundraising campaigns, but we can make requests that personal donations be given to other respectable organizations within IRP communications ? I am aware of this organization http://www.rescue.org/where/kenya - their work is briefly touched on in this AP article ?Kenya burdened by famine refugees; rape attacks up? http://m.apnews.com/ap/db_16024/contentdetail.htm?contentguid=1NhFmyia

Two other concerns I have are 1) coordinating with other dynamic coalitions at IGF and 2) gaining participants for IRP. 

Jenn, Marcin, and I will be working on sprucing up charter site to help in advocacy, awareness raising, and membership. Would the DRAFT Charter Commentary be made on Google docs or the new charter blog with digress.it http://irpcharter.org/wpcharter/ ?

Talk soon,


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I do not have time right now to develop
detailed arguments with regard to the specific issue/ crisis at
hand, but for our organisation, the only concern we have with IG is
in its intersection with structural issues of development

What organization?

Sorry, I should have made it clearer. With our organisation I meant, IT for Change. I would not refer to the IRP group as an organisation, though I understand that I did leave room for mis-interpretation. parminder

I thought this list was about Internet Rights and Principles,
where development agenda of any kind is not primary at all,

certainly not more so than many other IG issues.

Answering Marianne's latest email, I really do not think that trying
to do something is an irrelevant idea. Perhaps, few things  may be
more relevant. I am very much for it. Only want us to also make an
appropriate political statement both to those suffering the crisis
and those assembled at the IGF, beyond making the required
humanitarian gesture.

I will reserve judgement on that for now, just noting that
if we are to make a political statement, it should reflect
the group's view, a consensus if one can be found, and
the opportunity should not be used to push for agendas
outside its scope.

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