[IRP] APC activities at IGF - updated list

Anriette Esterhuysen anriette
Thu Aug 4 17:18:36 EEST 2011

* Internet governance forum *

APC is organising a series of events in the context of the next IGF in

 1. Pre-event  Internet access: a multi-faceted and rights based approach

 On 26 September 2011, APC will be holding a pre-event aimed at
discussing how access to the internet relates to wider human rights,
specifically the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association.

2. Workshops

a) APC's workshops

- Human rights: a unifying approach for development, freedom, access and

- Open spectrum for development in the context of the digital migration

b) APC as co-sponsor

- Blocking content: issues, principles and paths forward
Organised by ISOC

- Mobile internet: enhancing the new age of the internet
Organised by Nokia

- Do policymakers understand the role of libraries in mobilising the
internet as a catalyst for development, innovation and freedom?
Organised by EIFL

- What is the role of the media in ensuring the Internet is a resilient
and stable platform ?
Organised by BBC

c) APC's people as speaker

- Mapping internet governance (organised by IGC). Speaker: David Souter

- A practical and pragmatic look at making cloud successful in deveoping
world (organised by GIIC and WITSA). Speaker: Joy Liddicoat

- The I*organizations and their contribution to development (organised
by the Global Internet Policy Initiative). Speaker: Anriette Esterhuysen

- Internet Governance Principles: initiatives toward the improvement of
a global Internet Governance (organised by Center for Technology and
Society (CTS/FGV) at Getulio Vargas Foundation). Speaker: Anriette or Joy

- Multistakeholder Internet Public Policy Dialogue:Lessons Learned and
Best Practice examples of local to global policy dialogue (organised by
IISD). Speaker: Anriette

- Institutional choice in global internet governance (organised by
University of Zurich). Speaker: Anriette

3. APC's speakers in main sessions

- Taking Stock. Speaker: Anriette
- IG4D. Speaker: Joy

4. Other initiatives

- APC will also have a booth and will organise an information and poster
session on the issue of Conflict minerals: Bringing accountability and
governance to ICT production. What are the challenges?
- Not IGF directly related. WNSP's policy workshop as part of MGD3 work
(24-25 Sept)

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