[IRP] IRP at TEDxHarlem, October 18

Lee W McKnight lmcknigh
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Not sure what you mean.  

I expect event will be well done, generally consistent with cs values....even if the main guy organizing is a brand expert so we will be mixing...art and commerce? cs and a community? Major multinational  brands and our - brand new brand IRP? 

Anyway, if anyone hasn't been to Harlem for some time, or only knows o the neighborhood from movies or tv....Harlem is a much more pleasant place to visit these days than it might have been in the 60s, so I wouldn;t want anyone to stay away under a misconception of the location.  

What I don't know yet is whether we (IRP) get a 100 person room/stage for an hour, or can grab the main stage to do our thing. That is likely subject to negotiation.   And whether or not an IRPer can be accommodated in our session, of course for Marcus the more of us attending the merrier.

And also of course, whatever is done on stage, if Katitza et al can also play to the press/media even if not at Apollo, great.


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Well, doing anything at the Apollo is great anyway;)
But isn't T.E.D.xHarlem an oxymoron???

Le 30 avr. 2011 ? 05:17, Lee W McKnight <lmcknigh at syr.edu> a ?crit :

> FYI,
> T.E.D.xHarlem is October 18, at the Apollo Theater.
> We are invited to do an Internet Rights and Principles roundtable or something there, by Marcus Glover, TEDxHarlem founder and digital branding guy.
> So hold that date for New York, or webconference.
> Lee
> PS: Of course, that's only if IRP folks think talking Internet Rights and Principles - Live at the Apollo - sounds good : )
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