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Anja Kovacs anja
Thu Apr 21 16:55:47 EEST 2011

Dear all,

Due to personal circumstances, it has unfortunately been impossible for
me to continue to work with the coalition over the past few months.
However, I do try to keep up to date on what's happening via the email
list, and have been thrilled to see the development of the 10 punchy
principles of the past few months. Congratulations on the release of
this fantastic instrument for advocacy!

Just to buttress the point that the Coalition is going places :), I
wanted to share two news items from India, which briefly mention the
efforts of the Coalition - thought these might be of interest.

The first one is a newspaper report of a workshop on the Internet and
freedom of expression that I organised for Delhi-based activists, in the
context of the visit of the UN Special Rapporteur on FoE. Lisa was there
as well and spoke about the Charter, which was received very positively,
with many people showing great interest. The Charter then also got brief
mention in the newspaper report:


The second one is a column written by my colleague Sunil Abraham, who
refers to the 10 punchy principles to make his point. Goes to show that
the principles are already being used for advocacy on the ground :) :


Best wishes to all of you,


Dr. Anja Kovacs
Centre for Internet and Society, Bangalore, India
M: +91-9899028053
W: www.cis-india.org

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