[IRP] FW: [NetBehaviour] Berners-Lee: Web Access Is a 'Human Right'.

Lee W McKnight lmcknigh
Thu Apr 14 21:54:33 EEST 2011

Has anyone reached out to Tim yet to  specifically ask him to consider endorsing the 10 internet rights & principles? and/Or maybe invite him onto igf panel?


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In a speech at an MIT symposium, Berners-Lee compared access to the Web
with access to water. While access to water is a more fundamental right,
because people simply cannot survive without it, Web access should be
seen as a right, too, because anyone who lacks Web access will fall
behind their more connected peers.

"Access to the Web is now a human right," he said. "It's possible to
live without the Web. It's not possible to live without water. But if
you've got water, then the difference between somebody who is connected
to the Web and is part of the information society, and someone who (is
not) is growing bigger and bigger."

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