[IRP] Suggestions for 10 IRP presentation and dissemination

Meryem Marzouki meryem
Tue Apr 5 13:32:05 EEST 2011

Dear Lisa, Dixie and all,

Now that we have many language versions of the 10 Internet Rights and Principles, with more to come, I would like to offer a couple of suggestions for their presentation on the IRP coalition website.

1/ Since there is, in addition to the main website (http://internetrightsandprinciples.org), anoher website dedicated to the coalition outcomes (http://irpcharter.org), i.e. so far the Charter and the 10 IRP, it is crucial to keep both of them updated. As for now, new translations are being added on the main website but not on the dedicated website.

2/ Since we can't control through which link (and thus, language) the reader comes to either of the coalition website (main or dedicated), we should mention, on each page with a given language version, the list (in alphabetical order) of other available languages through a simple list of links with the language name.

3/ We should provide PDF versions of all languages, in the same format (1 full single page, not the flyer format), reproducing the 10 IRP "logo" (the vintage computers) and providing the info on the coalition ("Get involved with developing the IRP Charter at www.irpcharter.org, follow us at @netrights on Twitter or join the Internet Rights and Principles Facebook group") in the given language. I note that this info is missing in the French version (my fault, I'll provide it ASAP), this should be checked with other versions too.
The PDF is useful for easy printing (even in black and white) when people have some opportunity to disseminate the document at meetings and other gatherings.
A simple format for each language version could be:
- on top, the short intro in the box (as it appears at http://irpcharter.org/ for the English version)
- the 10 principles themselves
- on bottom, the short info on the coalition (with URL of the FB group develop for the PDF version, and adding a contact email address), maybe in a box with the same border as the top box

4/ Since many people - beyond coalition members - have joined efforts to provide translation, I think it's time to give them credit by mentioning the authors of the given translation, as far as possible in terms of organizations. This would certainly be appreciated, and would probably encourage them to campaign for the 10 IRP in their own countries and through their own networks.

5/ We should provide a simple logo or banner or button that people and organizations may put on their own website with a link to the 10 IRP in all languages. Something like (in terms of size) The Public Voice coalition did for the "Madrid Privacy Declaration" (see the 3rd logo in the left column at: http://thepublicvoice.org). This has proven useful to disseminate the information and get involved.

Please let me know what you think on these suggestions.

Meryem Marzouki

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