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Hi Dixie and all,

why not directly referring to the standards and prescriptions of the Basel Convention (174 parties by now) in this context? See ?

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Dixie Hawtin wrote Wed, 1 Sep 2010 14:01:
>Hi Anja,
>I think the E-waste article should be based on UDHR Art 23 (just and favourable conditions of work) and Art 25 (right to an adequate standard of living for health and well-being).
>Perhaps something along the lines of:
>"Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for their health and well-being. E-waste is an environmental hazard and must be disposed of in a manner which upholds this right for the public in general, and workers who come into contact with E-waste in particular." 
>-I think the Charter needs to provide the principles which will act as tools to tackle issues such as the exporting of hazardous waste to developing countries, rather than tackle them explicitly. Particularly as these issues will change. 
>-If any waste components need to be disposed of in a particular way, this could be included in the second section of the Charter (which is technologically specific).
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>Ah yes, I immediately see what you mean.
>Let me do some more thinking, perhaps that can help :) Or perhaps there
>are others on the list who have some experience with this topic?
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