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I might add: 

The work of the Internet Rights and Principles Dynamic Coalition has helped gain recognition for human rights at this year's IGF in Vilnius as a cross-cutting issue in Internet Governance (see quote and link) - 

"Consequently, Sweden also welcomes initiatives by civil society networks, such as the work done by the dynamic coalition on internet rights and principles, with their draft charter on internet rights and principles. Such policy frameworks serve to take the debate further" (http://bit.ly/aZxUV3).

(I understand that human rights may also be an overarching theme for the next IGF meeting in 2011, which will stimulate even further interest and provide a greater role for IRP DC).

I might add specific instances when people from the IRP DC spoke in other workshops, panels, plenaries etc. From my reading of the transcript from the #IGF10 workshop 'Governance of Social Media' http://bit.ly/au7cIW Lisa and Max represented the coalition, demonstrating the role the IPR DC plays in linking with other DCs and helping to weave HR concerns into a wider range of issues. 

I would mention IRP' DC's new global report 'Human Rights at the Regional IGFs' by Dixie Hawtin and regional rapporteurs: http://internetrightsandprinciples.org/node/361 

Also, you could note the role of social media - Twitter and Facebook - in helping to raise the salience of HR within IG and to help build the coalition. 

Facebook IRP DC group has 570 members

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Dear All

In the middle of all these other consultations, just to confirm that I am
undertaking to draw up the IRP Taking Stock Statement for the Open
Consultations (did it last year, can do it again..!).

This statement is by definition, short, sweet and not too punchy - can say
things like they are but also can praise where praise is due. Need not be
more than 1 page or so.

So far Lisa and I have come up with a rough outline of the following
general points to cover. This at present a wish-list/brainstorm; levels of
punchiness and brevity/detail can be ironed out as we go. So, thanks for
any input on the points  below!

The deadline is in 10 days so I'm looking to send a first version out next
week - early.


Practical & Organizational Points about Vilnius and future IGF Venues

1) The remote participation seemed to work well; different levels of
participation in different workshops...
- the IRP applauds this initiative and look forward to more of it.
- captioning software needs refining; participants need awareness training
about how to speak when being captioned...

2)  The noise levels in workshops held in the ground-floor open-plan rooms
were unacceptable; made things very difficult.

3) Transport, food and other facilities: [any comments?]

Substantive Issues

1) Main sessions should address more specific issues. As noted last year,
the tendency to rehash old, broad themes (e.g. "SOP") are unproductive


- Note that the IRP DC is very active and achieving concrete results around
the Charter; refining and consultation with wider communities underway,...

- DC would like to explore ways of working more closely with the

- keen to retain meeting slots for the next IGF if its format changes.

- We are open to ideas of forming a more formal working group if that model

Other points


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> Hi all
> The next IGF open consultations are on 22 November, and the deadline for
> submitting a contribution to be reflected in a synthesis paper is 24 Oct.
> I think the general theme at this stage is taking stock of the 2010 IGF,
> and making suggestions for 2011.  I think it would be good if the IRP
> makes a submission, both in terms of inputting our suggestions and
> maintaining our profile.  But we need a volunteer?could anyone offer to
> take the lead with this please?  Our statement from last year is here:
> http://internetrightsandprinciples.org/node/355
> Thanks,
> Lisa
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