[IRP] Link for the English version of the Brazilian Civil rights framework for the Internet

Marilia Maciel mariliamaciel
Sun May 9 19:11:00 EEST 2010

Dear Lisa and colleagues,

Thanks for making remote participation in the IRP meeting possible today!
The audiocast was really smooth, both from Geneva and from other
participants who have taken the floor.

As promised earlier, I send you the link to the English version of the Civil
rights framework for the Internet in Brazil. The bill aims to make clear the
rights and responsibilities of Internet users and intermediaries.

*You can access the text here:*

Because the process is highly collaborative (we have received more than 800
contributions about the bill in one month of consultation), section IV of
the bill, that deals with content removal, has already been changed to
mirror people?s opinions.
The new version of section IV can be found here:*

CTS/FGV has submmited a proposal to organize a best practice session about
the civil rights framework in the IGF. If approved, we hope to be able to
discuss it with more depth during the meeting in Vilnius.

As I mentioned earlier, CTS also volunteers to colaborate as repporteurs of
debates regarding human rights in our regional IG meeting, in LAC. We would
also be happy to help organize a workshop about human rights in the same

Thanks again for  making the meeting so interactive today.
Best regards,

Centro de Tecnologia e Sociedade
FGV Direito Rio

Center of Technology and Society
Getulio Vargas Foundation
Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
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