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Hi all

Our page on the IGF website is a bit confused at the moment, with the title still referring to the Internet Bill of Rights Coalition.  The secretariat have said they'll update the page if we get the info to them by the 30th March.

In looking for info to update the page with, I remembered that we did some work on updating our mission statement last year.  We didn't update the main page on the Irp website with the revised version.

So -

(a)    I'd like to draw people's attention to the revised mission statement again, and check that people are happy with the version (last edited on our IRP wiki last October I think).  The version is here: http://internetrightsandprinciples.org/node/76  If you would like to make edits/suggestions for changes, please do so by SUNDAY 28th MARCH.   Or if you think this should be a longer process, please send your thoughts to the list.

(b)   I will send a shortened version of the statement to the secretariat to update our DC page on the coalition mailing list.  Please let me know if you think we should also update the list of Active participants.  Should we list the steering committee members here?  The current DC page is here: http://www.intgovforum.org/cms/index.php/dynamic-coalitions/72-ibr

(c)    We have already submitted a report from our 2009 IGF meeting (here: http://docs.google.com/Doc?docid=0AbEcBWyGO2nQZGQ4YmM3Z2ZfNDlzcHI3OWNj&hl=en).  I will send a brief update to accompany this by the deadline of 30th March, as requested by the secretariat.  I have pasted a draft below...please send any comments/additions through by SUNDAY 28TH MARCH.

Thanks and all the best,



The Internet Rights and Principles Dynamic Coalition has been continuing its work since its meeting at the 2009 IGF in Sharm el Sheikh:

*         Elections for the new steering committee were held in December 2009.  The members of the new steering committee are pasted below.  The committee selected a new chair, Lisa Horner, who took over from Max Senges in January 2010.

*         In January 2010 the coalition drafted a contribution for the IGF Open Consultations in Geneva.  Its recommendations were included in the Synthesis Paper.

*         The main project being undertaken by the coalition in 2010 is the drafting of the Charter of Human Rights and Principles for the Internet.  A committee of human rights experts have been selected to consolidate the draft that has been written by coalition members.  The committee includes experts from Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia.  It has commenced its work, and is due to report back to the coalition in May 2010.  The coalition expects to present the Charter at the 2010 IGF in Vilnius.

*         The coalition is currently discussing regional outreach strategies to increase its membership.  It is also discussing how to draw together human rights issues and concerns raised at the regional IGFs to feed back to the global IGF.

*         The coalition will be holding a mid-term meeting in Geneva on the 9th May, the day before the IGF Open Consultations.  All are welcome to attend.  The meeting will discuss the development of the Charter of Human Rights and Principles for the Internet, and ongoing coalition business.

*         All interested stakeholders are encouraged to join the coalition mailing list at: http://lists.internetrightsandprinciples.org/listinfo.cgi/irp-internetrightsandprinciples.org

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