[IRP] Happy women's day to all! from Beijjing +15

shaila mistry shailam
Mon Mar 8 09:47:58 EET 2010

Happy International Women's Day 

I am just back from the Beijing +15 and the  54 th Commission on Status of Women in New York where we celebrated the International Women s day  with the General Secretary Ban Ki, Moon.He gave a very encouraging speech of support and is working to help us with the New Entity for Women affairs.  Since 2006, many of us including my self have been working on this Gender Equity Architecture Reform GEAR Campaign and it looks like it is becoming a reality!

Women in USA are working hard on achieving gender equity at every level ! We celebrate you in your efforts in your country.
warm regards

Shaila Rao Mistry
International Federation of University Women 

Jayco MMI




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