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Thanks for sending the meeting minutes at lightening speed, Lisa! That's

Two comments below.

On Friday 05 March 2010 12:25 AM, Lisa Horner wrote:
> 1)      Update from Geneva Open Consultations
> Lisa attended the consultations and provided a brief update on the call:
	 *         A discussion of the role of the dynamic coalitions was on
the agenda, but wasn't really discussed...Nitin commented that no one
was interested.  The main thrust of the comments seemed to be that the
coalitions aren't doing enough to feed information back about their
activities to the secretariat.  I don't think it was levelled at us as
we've been quite good with our reporting!

I like the suggestion to make some recommendations to the Secretariat
about how we would like to be supported by them, but have a slightly
different impression of how the agenda item of dynamic coalitions was
dealt with in the last OC. I don't think it was just a criticism of DCs
not reporting back sufficiently.  When Nitin said that nobody was
interested, I actually took it to also imply that nobody was interested
in hearing what dynamic coalitions have been doing, as if the dynamic
coalitions are completely irrelevant to the work of the IGF.  I have
actually been wondering how to understand the importance of this
statement in the light of the IGF review, and the push of some
governments to get greater control.  In any case, I thought it was quite
disrespectful a comment, especially since Lisa, for example, had earlier
explicitly mentioned the IRP DC and apologised for not being able to
stay until the very end.  Clearly there are people doing work, and then
to belittle it like this...

I obviously wasn't the only person who was taken aback by Nitin's
comment.  What you can't see in the transcripts is the little
off-the-record conversation that ensued between Nitin and Markus, and it
is after this that suddenly the dynamic coalitions that wanted to speak
did get the floor after all.  I am quite sure that Markus pointed out to
Nitin that we could not just skip this agenda item.

> 2)      Update on regional initiatives, and opportunities for outreach

To come back to Lisa's question in an earlier message about regional
IGFs in Asia, there has been some talk about having an India IGF this
year, but nothing is concrete as yet.  I will keep you posted on how
this evolves.

Best wishes,

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