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Hi Anja

It's a shame you can't make it today.  We're going to talk about regional activities and outreach opportunities...do you have any thoughts on regional outreach that the coalition can do in Asia? Will there be any regional IGFs that you know of?

 The Charter meeting with the experts will be on SUNDAY 9TH MAY , the day before the IGF open consultations in Geneva.  I noted that in the meeting minutes from last month (below).  We need to have a system for putting these minutes etc on the web...if anyone would like to volunteer to do that it'd be great.

All the best,

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Hi all

In the end it was just me and Olivier on the call.  Sorry if others intended to join but were unable due to timings/short notice.

If there's interest in organising another call next week I'm happy to do so. Otherwise let's leave it until next month (March 4th).  Let me know.

Just some quick notes to update you:

a)Work plan and work areas.
Proposal at: http://docs.google.com/Doc?docid=0AbEcBWyGO2nQZGQ4YmM3Z2ZfM2ZiY2Y5cGdu&hl=en
If anyone has any ideas for what the coalition could do and for contributing over the next year, do send them through to the list.

b)Update on initiatives:
- Charter process
- I had a conference call with the experts this week, and they are ready to start their work.  I'll post the final version of the draft charter and the expert group terms of reference on the website.
- We've had confirmation from Andrew Rens (South Africa) and Roberto Saba (Argentina) to join the group. We're still looking for a human rights expert from Asia - please send through ideas.
- The IRP consultation meeting with the experts on the charter will be on Sunday May 9th, the day before the IGF open consultations in Geneva.  Please put the date in your diaries!  There will be remote participation.  People are also encouraged to outreach and consult people on the charter at other events/on an ongoing basis.
- I'm happy to act as a liaison point between the experts and the IRP.  We'll speak at least once a month, and I can feed back to the coalition.  However, if others would like to be involved, please do let me know.

- Regional IGF workshops

-          The agenda for Eurodig has been published, and it doesn't look like we were successful in securing a workshop on human rights.  @Lee - could you update us on that?

-          It would still be good to hold as many rights workshops as we can at other regional IGFs and/or consult on the charter.  Regional volunteers needed for this! @Carlos - are you still happy to coordinate in Latin America?

c) IGF Open Consultations

-          They're happening next Tuesday.  I'll be there, so would be good to hook up with anyone else who is there.  I'll try and read out relevant bits of the statement we contributed...if anyone wants me to say something specific let me know!

d) AOB

-                      As always, feel free to share info, news and ideas on the list!

All the best,

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