[IRP] IRP conference call - this Thursday 4th March - 16.00 CET

shaila mistry shailam
Tue Mar 2 13:42:44 EET 2010

Hi Everyone
 I am at Th UN CSW, Commission on Status of Women, Beijing +15 event in New York. I will be running in and out of events. so may not make it.

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Hi all
Yes, it?d be good to have a call on Thursday.
I suggest that we meet at 10.00 Washington DC/12 midday
Rio/16.00 CET/20.30 Bangalore.  (I?m keen to rotate the timings to
make them time-zone friendly for different people.  I suggest that next
month we try and make it Asia friendly, and then San Francisco).
We?ll use the free Hi Def conferencing Skype system that
we?ve used in the past.  The number to call is +9900827047237808.
A preliminary agenda for discussion:
-          Update from Geneva Open Consultations
-          Update on regional initiatives, and opportunities for outreach
o   Update
from Carlos on Brazil Bill of Rights process and outreach opps.
o   Update
on Eurodig process (anyone ? Lee?)
-          Charter Process
-          Potential for involvement in ICANN registrants rights charter
-          ???
Please let me know if you can make it, and if you?d like
to add items to the agenda.  And if you have suggestions for scheduling
the call better so that you can make it.
It would be especially great if our steering committee members
could make it this month, as well of course as all coalition members.
Looking forward to it!
All the best,
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