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Sat Jul 24 18:21:09 EEST 2010

Dear Lisa,

Just had an opportunity to read the notes of the phone meeting. If we have
time till end of July I could use it for some consultations during the
Internet Governance Academy of Wolfgang Kleinw?chter where a number of
experts will be present.

With regard to he dates for Vilnius, I will unfortunately arrive only on
14th afternoon as I have to attend a professional meeting before in Iceland.
I would certainly be happy to participate in an eventual launching event and
also ready for any discussions of the text.

With kind regards

Wolfgang Benedek

Am 22.07.10 11:38 schrieb "Lisa Horner" unter <LisaH at global-partners.co.uk>:

> Hi all
> Thanks to everyone who made it to the meeting yesterday - it was a productive
> discussion I think.  I'm looking forward to working with everyone in the run
> up to the IGF so that we can make it the best Forum yet!
> Thanks to Robert for taking comprehensive notes for the meeting (below).  Let
> us know if you want to make any amendments or have any questions.
> All the best,
> Lisa
> ------------------
> IRP Meeting 7/21
> IRP Meeting Agenda:
> I. Update on the Charter and next steps
> II. IRP Dynamic coalition meeting at the IGF
>        A. Possible pre-IGF meeting on human rights
>        B. Strategy for human rights at the IGF
> III. Introduction from Henrik and update on APC rights monitor project
> IV. Anything else? Please add your agenda items.
> [Robert taking minutes (apologies for gaps)]
> IRP Minutes:
> [Attending: Shaila Mistry, Lauren Movius, Lisa Horner, Rafik Dammak, Lisa
> Horner, Henrik Almstrong, Olivier Crepin LeBlond, Robert Bodle, Anja Kovacs,
> Katitza Rodriguez, Marianne Franklin (listening, sending pointed emails!) ]
> Lisa opens to call attention to two main things we need to discuss: 1)
> Charter, 2) IGF
> apologies for the delay - difficulty with voluntary work, problems fitting
> work in collaboratively in different countries. Nearly have final version of
> section 1.
> Section 1 - Wolfgang worked on applying and lifting standards specific to
> context of internet
> Lisa is editing version 1 at the moment for language - by end of next week.
> Section 2 - not much progress (split into tables, stratification layers of
> communication environment).
> We will go ahead and publish Section 1, possibly also with what we have for
> Section2 with caveat that we're still working on it.
> Questions:
> Are we happy with process?
> How we want to achieve agreement?
> How to make changes in time for IGF?
> What to do with Charter and beyond?
> Version 1.0 is a rolling document that we will consult on to get a wide range
> of input from different people and groups.
> Questions asked by coalition members:
> Section 1 of Charter - will we have opportunity to comment?
> Section 2 - what is needed? More people involved? To move along a little more?
> Answer: Is three weeks is enough for coalition members to comment if they
> receive the Charter by 1st August (23rd of August)? (before Council of Europe
> consultation 7th of Sept) with time to print copies.
> Should we have a conf call? Email? To make it fair and collaborative.
> Answer Re Section 2
> Privacy and due process and freedom of expression sections have been drafted
> but there are still other bundles of rights to draft e.g. development and
> access to knowledge.
> DC member comments:
> August 23rd sounds good
> Combination of email exchange of comments and conf call for comments.  For
> Section 2 it would be a good idea for some of us to get together to work on
> it, but some can't start until 13th of august.
> Suggest submitting comments to experts by email, and then having a Conference
> call to have experts explain choices they made.
> RE Section 2: We could see if there is space for people to form small working
> groups around topics, possibly as part of the proposed pre-IGF human rights
> event.
> Schedule tight given that this is during a holiday season for many people.
> Conclusion:
> - Charter will be sent round by the end of the month.
> - Coalition members will submit comments before the 23rd August, and we'll
> have a con call around that time.
> - We will re-post the location of Google Docs spreadsheet for Section 2, so
> that people can work on it and re-solicit participation.
> - If situation arise where there are strong differences in opinion, Lisa
> volunteers to play a mediation role.
> -People should let Lisa know if they are going to be away in August, but would
> still like to comment on the Charter.  We will try and find a way to make sure
> everyone can input.
> II. IRP Dynamic coalition meeting at the IGF
> A. Proposed HR pre-event the day before IGF (13th Sept) (unfortunately,
> unavoidable GIGANET clash)
> Threefold opportunities:
> 1)exchange - UN Special Rapporteur for freedom of opinion and expression Frank
> La Rue will be at IGF - his May 2011 report to the Human Rights Council will
> be on the internet we will invite him to the event and give him an opportunity
> to update us.
> [Explanation: Special Rapporteurs are watchdogs on their thematic area - to
> report back to the Human Rights Council highlighting what's gone on that year
> - (last year the theme was diversity, this year it is the Internet)]
> 2)Present IG issues from people new to IGF forum - to explore what they need
> from HR perspective - bring new voices, faces into IGF community.
> 3)DC IGF coalition and beyond - business planning to strategise see where we
> are at.  We could also work on section 2 of the Charter more in a face to face
> context.
> A civil society group is currently exploring whether this will be possible,
> and will feed back on progress.
> B. IRP at IGF what do we want to do?
> DC IRP given a slot for Workshop.  We can use it to present the charter.  See
> IGF website for agenda.  We're on the first day at 11:30AM -1:30PM on 14th of
> Sept.(fresh in right frame of mind)
> A) What to do with charter
> B) What to do in our meeting
> Workshop space
> Comments and suggestions:
> Can we get Frank involved with the Charter - maybe act as a speaker to draw
> people in.
> Format - we could:
> 1)have a healthy discussion of the charter for first hour
> 2)second hour have a working session to work on the charter in small groups.
> We could gather people together around bundles of rights.
> We'll have Real time remote participation (need a moderator to volunteer)
> Need to have a creative and more formal Pre-launch Launch of Charter
> Perhaps an evening Happy Hour/Press Conference (with a Banner)
> Evening reception would need funds, but holding within workshop would take
> time away form work on Section 2 of Charter.
> Workshop should be for working consultation session, so would Prefer evening
> reception - if we can pull it off.
> We could have a more informal meeting with an assigned place and time to meet
> - to have a conversation we are looking for.
> We still need to organize a get together. Anja won't be able to come to the
> meeting due to a scheduling conflict.
> Should bring a multimedia approach using color, sound, and content to promote
> the Charter.
> B. Strategy for human rights at the IGF
> We discussed concerns heard by some coalition members from other people about
> advocacy for human rights at the IGF being contentious and threatening the
> continuation of the forum. Some governments may use that as an excuse/may be
> encouraged to vote against the continuation of the forum in its current format
> at the UN general assembly meeting in September, effectively closing down
> spaces for civil society participation and opening the door for more top down
> control of the internet.
> Discussion:
> As the IGF is a multi-Stakeholder space we should be careful how we frame
> things.  We should try to be specific and practical about issues e.g. like the
> approach taken in 2nd Section of charter.
> Dilemma, will IGF continue? Otherwise we will have problems
> Consultation process went a different way - because decision will be announced
> at IGF?
> Vote on continuation will be taken a week after the IGF in UN General Assembly
> How we should be conducting ourselves. Positioning ourselves strategically?
> Unclear if it will continue - 3 years instead of 5 years. Not sure to what
> extent we need to be concerned - but always balance our approach - focus on
> some rights over others (freedom of expression, privacy, due process) - Frank
> was very thoughful, clear, polite, balanced.
> Problem is much bigger - ITU wants more binding treaties and decision making
> power - outside of our work on the HR front.
> This has a direct influence on how we frame our Charter process - if we are
> being careful in the first place we might not go to IGF. Maybe break topic
> into bite-size issues, harder to object to and deal more objectively. Outline
> rights of different stakeholders.
> IGF USA - bigger tension - accepting HR angle. Control and decision making. HR
> agenda is smaller agenda within the bigger internet Governance agenda
> Conclusion: we shouldn't be afraid to discuss and advocate for human rights.
> But we need to be practical, specific and open.
> Lisa will be one of 3 moderators of Main Session on Security Openness and
> Privacy.  Frank La Rue is also moderator.
> OK to send to us a list of issues to discuss so that coalition members can
> help to shape the main session.
> TBD:
> Discuss workshops more on mailing list
> Strategy - coordinating, mobilizing, outreaching, private sector, expand
> membership for coalition, being strategic about which workshop to attend.  We
> can discuss these issues on the list, and at the pre-IGF meeting.
> III. Henrik (APC) - Introduction - hopes to use IRP Charter as the basis for
> APC and all its members in Internet Rights work - to spread to member
> organizations work.
> IV. Other items
> Need to interact with other DCs. ways to interact with other DCs, maybe have a
> liaison.
> Difficult as many DCs are inactive - but we can build into our strategy and in
> other meetings
> Folks on many DCs other DCs send info to mailing list to share information.
> [Meeting adjourned until next time (August)]
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