[IRP] Teaching Human Rights in the Digital Age - Course Reflections

Bodle, Robert Robert_Bodle
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Thanks MF! 

I'm happy to share anything that might help build an internet rights and principles curriculum.  -looking forward to any follow up points. 

Next time I'd like more time to address the ?challenges? and "things I would do differently." 

I'd also be interested to hear about experiences from others teaching similar courses outside of the U. S. 

The Charter will also make things easier by providing a normative framework that establishes relationships between HRs and ICTs (beyond my own lectures and longer readings). 

Cheers and thanks again!



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Dear Robert

Thanks so much for this. I enjoyed reading about this project; its a
role-model and inspiration to anyone incorporating these issues into
corollary programs or specific courses. I made some more points in a
follow-up. All the best this summer.

Way to go!


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