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Marilia Maciel mariliamaciel
Fri Jul 9 17:41:43 EEST 2010

Please, help to disseminate this call widely in your regions and sorry for
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<info at igfremote.info>

*Take part on the discussions about Internet Governance: organize a local
IGF hub in your home city <http://tinyurl.com/38ujb8d>*

*1)**      **The internet Governance Forum (IGF)<http://www.intgovforum.org>

The IGF takes place once a year and aims to discuss issues related to
Internet governance that touch directly upon the lives of Internet users,
such as: privacy, freedom of expression, access to the Internet and content
diversity, to name just a few.

In 2010, the IGF will take place in Vilnius, Lithuania. Unfortunately,
several factors may hamper physical attendance, such as professional
commitments and travel costs. *But staying in your home city does not mean
you cannot participate actively and make your voice heard. There will be
interactive channels for remote participation.* You can watch the
discussions from home, following the webcast of the event and participating
through chat/video. But it is also possible to organize IGF hubs.

*2) What are the Hubs?*

The hubs are local meetings that take place in parallel with the main
meeting. People can watch the webcast together and send questions (text or
video) that will be answered by panelists in IGF. In addition, hub
organizers can hold debates to discuss the themes introduced at the IGF, but
from a local perspective. There are several advantages in creating a hub: it
helps to raise awareness about Internet Governance issues, it fosters
networking among participants and community building and it encourages
follow-up activities.

*3) How to organize a hub?*

The requirements are very simple:

   - A room or auditorium. It can be held in a university classroom or any
   other convenient place
   - A computer with a broadband Internet connection and a video?conference
   (or projector) equipment, to watch the webcast.
   - A hub moderator, who will plan the dynamics of the local roundtables
   and discussions as well as transmit the hub participants? questions or
   comments to the IGF meeting through the remote participation channels.
   - A general call in lists, forums, etc, to invite the interested local
   - An online training session to become familiar with the platform that
   will be used for interaction will be offered prior to the event

*4) Dynamics of interaction during the meeting*

Remote participants will be able to *follow the meeting* taking place in
Vilnius by watching videocasts or listening to audiocasts from the meeting
rooms, by viewing the PPT presentations from the speakers, and by reading
real-time closed captioning.

Remote participants will be able to *interact with the meeting* individually
or from a hub. All remote participants will be able to send text questions,
using the remote participation platform. These questions will be forwarded
to the panel moderator when he/she opens the floor for questions from the
audience. Hubs can also interact live through video.


*5) How to register a hub*

Visit the website of the IGF and follow the instructions:


*6) More information about remote participation in the IGF*

For more information about remote participation in the IGF, please contact
the IGF Secretariat or the Remote Participation Working Group (
www.igfremote.info) at info at igfremote.info

Centro de Tecnologia e Sociedade
FGV Direito Rio

Center for Technology and Society
Getulio Vargas Foundation
Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
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