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Thanks for this Wolfgang.  I'll forward onto the IRP list.  It would be good if we could coordinate with GAID on the IRP/APC Charter for human rights on the internet.  It seems that Rights on the internet/in the information society seem to be receiving more attention in quite a few different arenas at the moment. I wonder if/how we can all coordinate...


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Here are two interesting links for CS friends engaged in Human Rights and the IGF Dynamic Coalition on Internet Rights and Principles:


1. The Chair of the Global Alliance for ICT4D (GAID), Mr. Tarek Abu Ghazaleh, has proposed in a meeting with UN Secretary General Ban Kin Moon the elaboration of a "UN Declaration on Rights in the Information Age". Here is an excerpt from the Press Release:    


"The Chairman also presented to the Secretary-General several important new initiatives. Among these was  a "Declaration on Rights in the Information Age" that is intended to promote "ICT rights" and encourage  governments to grant their citizens full access to effective participation in the emerging global Information Society. Mr. Abu-Ghazaleh further shared with the Secretary-General his initiative on launching work on the urgent task of using the information and communication technologies for the Protection of Life and Property."


2.  A Group called "Iceland Modern Media Initiative" (IMMI) wants to turn Iceland into a Safe Harbour Model to protect information rights globally. A parliamentary resolution is under discussion.





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